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Chapter 15 Review Questions

what four countries laid claim to the oregon country in early 1880s?

great britain, united states, france, russia

name two of the major trails that settlers followed to the west.

oregon trail, santa fe trail

what does "manifest destiny" mean?

obvious fate

what path did settlers take to the oregon country?

oregon trail

who coined the phrase "manifest destiny"?

john o' sullivan

why were many americans persuaded to settle in oregon country?

more farmland, more room, free land

what philosophy meant that the U.S. was fated to extend to the pacific ocean?

manifest destiny

who won the presidential election of 1844?

james k. polk

after trappers, who were the first settlers of oregon country?


why did missionaries move west?

to convert the indians to christianity

what line marked the compromise of the u.s. and great britain regarding oregon country?

54 40

name three methods that the country used to expand.

settlement, war, treaties

what country controlled florida when monroe wanted to buy it?


how did the tensions between mexico and texas begin?

texas wanted independence

who advised president monroe to tell spain to "govern or get out"?

john quincy adams

who was the commander and chief of the texas forces?

William Travis

what was the texans battle cry at the battle of san jacinto?

remember the alamo

who was santa anna?

led the mexican army

what did santa anna do when he took office that left the texans feeling betrayed?

put stephen austin in jail

during which battle was santa anna captured?

battle of san jacinto

why was the first request to annex texas declined?

because they didn't want war with america

what was the first battle of the texas revolution?

battle of gonzalez

when was texas annexed into the united states?


who dreamed of starting a US colony in spanish texas?

moses austin

define "annex"

to accept

what were 3 conditions that americans had to accept to move to texas?

become mexican citizens, learn spanish, hardworking

who were two of the most famous americans that died at the alamo?

davy crocket and william travis

what did mexico lose when they lost the war with the united states?

part of texas territory

why were there tensions between the united states and mexico?

border disputes

what did the united states insist was the border between the us and mexico?

rio grande

what were the terms of the treaty of guadalupe hidalgo?

us paid $15 million, agreed to pay american debts to mexico, promise to protect borders

*what additional strip of land was purchased and for how much?

gadsden purchase

which leaders opposed the war with mexico?

abraham lincoln, frederick douglass

what was president polk's war plan?

provoke mexico to military action to justify war to americans

what did the united states achieve with the gadsden purchase?

bought new mexico

who was the texan commander at the alamo?

william travis

who was the commander of the texas revolutionary army?

sam houston

where did the texans defeat the mexicans?

battle of san jacinto

define "cede"

to yield

what is the nickname for texas?

the lone star state

why did northerners want to keep texas out of the union?

the didn't want war with mexico, they didn't want the south to have more slavery

what did mexico claim to be the border between mexico and texas?

nueces river

what was the nickname for california?

the golden state

who was "old, rough, and ready"?

zachary taylor

who was "old fuss and feathers"?

winfield scot

how much did the united states pay mexico under the terms of the treaty of guadalupe hidalgo?

$15 million

what was the main purpose of the santa fe trail?

commercial trade

where was davy crocket from?


by what treaty in 1819 did the united states agree to drop any further claim to texas?

adams-onis treaty

who were the tejanos?

texans of spanish decent

who received the first land grant in texas from the spanish?

moses austin

who became president of mexico in 1833?

santa anna

where was the first fight of the texan revolution?

san antonio texas

when was the louisiana territory added to the united states?


when was texas added to the union?

1845- 28th state

what agreement completed the shape of the continental US?

gadsden purchase

who was the first elected president of the texas republic?

sam houston

when was florida added to the US?

march 1845

name two of the states included in the new mexico territory

utah, nevada

why did some people want to buy the land south of the Mexican Cession?

allowed us to expand

what treaty ended the Mexican War?

treaty of guadalupe hidalgo

who led the slave revolt on the island of haiti?

toussaint l'overture

"...invaded our territory and shed american blood on american soil"

James K. Polk

what does "rendezvous" mean?

meet up in a certain place

what states are included in the mexican cession?

california, nevada, utah, arizona, new mexico, colorado, wyoming

who came up with the term "manifest destiny"?

John O' Sullivan

what is south pass?

passage through rocky mountains

*what river was the base of most land claims in oregon country in the early 1800s?

mississippi river

*name four objections to the louisiana purchase

large country, hard to govern

what was the major obstacle to the american annexation of texas in 1836?

slavery and fear of war

why did president polk provoke the mexicans to attack in 1846?

to justify war to the americans

who was sent by president polk to offer to buy parts of new mexico and arizona?

john slidell

*what nation welcomed settlers from the US after winning it's independence from spain?


who was the american general who led US forces into northern mexico?

general zachary taylor

what was the name of the mission in san antonio where many texans died?


what was texas for nine years before it became a state?

texas republic

who was the leader of american troops in central mexico?

winfield scot

what was the name of the purchase from mexico that completed the area of the 48 states?

gadsden purchase

what body of water was crossed by winfield scot on hid way to attack Veracruz?

gulf of mexico

what army officer captured the area of new mexico?

general stephen kearny

what final major battle gave americans control of northern mexico?

battle of buena bista

before the early 1800s, what countries claimed the louisiana territory?

france and spain

who was the general who waited at the rio grande for mexican provocation to start a war?

zachary taylor

the 1853 gadsden purchase secured land for the US in what two states?

arizona and new mexico

what was one reason the united states wanted to acquire florida?

get rid of border raids by seminoles

what was the bear flag republic?

california's flag

who was president of the US during the war with mexico?

James K. Polk

why did some northerners oppose the annexation of texas?

more slavery

what was the incentive for settlers to travel oregon country?

wanted to have more land

what was a reason why tejanos resented the Americans settling in texas?

the werent following the rules they agreed to follow

what was the major effect on the treaty of guadalupe hidalgo on mexico?

mexico gave us 1/2 their land and we paid them $15 million

how would you describe Polk's attitude to manifest destiny?

he liked it- wanted more land

name 3 famous americans opposed to mexican war.

abraham lincoln, frederick douglas, henry david thoreau

why did businessmen want the gadsen purchase to be accomplished?

railroads to be built

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