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comparative advertising

A form of advertising that compares two or more specifically named or shown competing brands on one or more specific attributes.

competitive advertising

A form of advertising designed to influence demand for a specific brand.

continuous media schedule

A media scheduling strategy in which advertising is run steadily throughout the advertising period; used for products in the latter stages of the product life cycle.

cooperative advertising

An arrangement in which the manufacturer and the retailer split the costs of advertising the manufacturer's brand.

cost per contact

The cost of reaching one member of the target market.

crisis management

A coordinated effort to handle all the effects of unfavorable publicity or of another unexpected unfavorable event.

flighted media schedule

A media scheduling strategy in which ads are run heavily every other month or every two weeks, to achieve a greater impact with an increased frequency and reach at those times


The number of times an individual is exposed to a given message during a specific period.

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