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From Tuscany. Grape is Morellino (sangiovese). Black cherry with an earthy, mineral character
Cannonau Riserva
From Sardinia. Grape is Cannonau. Maker is Sella & Mosca. Their property in Sardinia is one of Italy's most impressive and progressive wine estates.Wine is full bodied with ripe plums, with a long, sustained finish.
Valpolicella TB (Bussola)
From Veneto. Not labeled as such, this wine too is made with the ripasso method. Dark cherries with chocolate and spice notes.
Paolo Scavino
Piedmonte, 100 % Nebbiolo. This wine replaced Vietti Barolo. A fresh fruity nebbiolo with berry, citrus, and tobacco notes. A clean and simple wine with nice body and layered complex flavors.
Speri, Veneto.l Deep ruby in color, red fruit with chocolate and spice, silky and well balanced with sweet tannins.
made by Di Majo Norante from Molise. Grapes are Aglianico and Prugnolo. A warm structured wine with a fruity spiciness with black cherry notes.
Bucci, Marche 50% Sangiovese 50% montepulciano.
Similar to a pino noir with intense berry fruit, full bodied red.
Moroder "Ankon"
50 % Montepulciano 25% cabernet sauvignon 25% Merlot. From Marche. Marche equivalent to a super tuscan. Intense and comlex red fruits, delicate herbal notes and spice with strong tannins. The name Ankon comes from Greek meaning elbow, given to the city of Ancona as it sticks out like an elbow into the Adriatic Sea.
From Tuscany, 90% sangiovese. Medium bodied with great introduction to the crisp tannins. Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.
Tuscany 80%sangiovese 20% cab. Earthy, fruity, and spicy with a persistent finish.
Tuscany, merlot, cab sav, sangiovese. fermentation begins in steel vats, then cement vats, then bottled. Medium bodied with firm tannins.
Sangiovese. Serious vino for the $ Tuscany. Shamelessly fruit driven, with notes of sweet herbs, coffee, and dark chocolate.
Colle Sale
100% Montepulciano from Abruzzo