us history benchmark #3

Red Scare
This was the feeling of parinoia over everyone being a communist in the US after WWI
Sacco and Vanzetti
The arrest and punishment by death of these two men in the 1920s showed the anti-foriegn feeling that exsisted in the US at the time
Speak Easies
They were places where alcohol was illegally sold in the 1920s
21st Amendment
This amendment repealed prohibition
Women who adopted new styles of dress during the 1920s were called:
This nationsl organization legally protects African Americans
W.E.B. Du Bois
This man founded the NAACP
Harlem Renaissnace
This was the name given to the explosion of african american creativity during the 1920s in the area of music, painting, theatre and poetry
This great american musical achievement became popular during the 1920s
This man was the communist leader of the Belcheviks who took over the Russian gov. in 1912. He pulled Russia out of WWI
Flappers Evolution Birth Control
These three examples of changes in morality that took place in american society in the 1920s
Republicans Cut Taxes Pre-business Laissez-Faire
These were the 4 characteristics of the presidents of the 1920s
Tea Pot Dome
This scandle marred the presidency of Warren G. Harding and showed how deep the corruption was in his cabinet
Pride in Unity and Back to Africa
What two messages did Marcus Garvey preach to african americans in the 1920s
The Great Migration
This was the mass movement of african americans from the south to the north from 1900-1930
Harding, Coolidge, and hoover
These were the 3 republican presidents of the 1920s
Henry Ford
This man introduced the ModelT to the world. He also invented the assembly line.
Over production, specualation, tarifss, and low intrest rates
These are generally considered the four main causes of the Great Depression
These were people who brough alcohol into the country illegally during prohibition
18th amendment
This amendment made the sale and consumption of alcohol illegal in the US
Lost Generation
This is the collective name given to the writers of the 1920s. They generally wrote about materialism and the pointlessness of life
This republican became president in the 1920s. He called for a "return to normalcy"
Jeanette Renkin
This was the first woman elected to congress.
Margret Sanger
This woman was arrested for distributing birth control in NYC in the 1920s
Scopes/Monkey Trial
This trial raised a great debate over evolution and creation and what should be taught in public schools
Palmer Raids
These searches for communists in the early 1920s led to the arrest of many foreigners
Charles Lindburg
This man made the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic. He flew from New York to Paris
This type of economic structure, the gov owns the means of production. There are no classes because everyone is equal
Jane Adams
This woman opened up the Hull House. It offered daycare, food, and jobs for very poor immigrants of Chicago
La Follette
This was the progressive governor of Wisconsin
Bull Moose
This was the name of the progressive party founded by TR when he ran for president the second time
What president followed TR as a very progressive president but became conservative as time went on
Gifford Pinchot
What was the name of the man the TR put in charge of the land that was set asside for conservation
The Assasination of Franz Ferdnand
What incident actually started WWI
Big Stick Policy
This foreign policy of TR was called this:
Lilly Lilicali
This woman was the rebel leader of Hawii. "Hawii was for the Hawiians"
Roosevelt Corralary
This stated that the US would act as a police force in Latin America and would interfere if it was thought that the gov in the region was a threat or unstable
Mathew Perry
This is the name of the american officer that opened Japan to the rest of the world
Dollar Diplomacy
President Taft came up with this foriegn policy idea that encouraged American business to invest in latin america to gain control of the area economically
Open Door Policy
Because the US didnt have a sphere of influence in China, John Hay, the US secretary of State, came up with a policy to give equal trade rights to all
Boxer Rebellion
This was a rebellion of Chinese common people to get foriegners to their nation
Sphere of Influence
What was the name given to the way that China was divided into areas of trade domintaion by the western, european nations in the late 1800s
Under what presidency was the Panama Canal built
Plat Amendment
This document said that the US would pull out of Cuba only after it was givan a naval base and the right to interfere in cuban affairs
Teller Amendment
This document said that the US claimed no sovereignty over cuba
TR led this calvery up in San Juan Hill in the SA war
George Dewey
This man attacked the Philippines for the US
Josiah Strong
This man wrote a book called "our country" in this book he explained the superiority of anglo saxon race
Spanish-American War
This american war was fought over the theme of imperialism
Alice Paul and Lucy Burns
These women were instrumental in pressing the 19th amendment.
Carry Cat
This woman was president of the NAWSA
Federal Reserve Act
This legislation made the amount of money in the system flexible
Graduated Income Tax
This is the name given to a tax that increases in percentage with regards to how much money a certain individual makes
This man won the election of 1912
Treaty of Versilles
This was the name of the treaty signed to end WWI
Schenck v US
This court case established the idea of a "clear and present danger"
Henery C Lodge
This man was the republican leader in congress who attempted to block the entrence of the US into the League of Nations
Square Deal
What was the name of TR plan to make society better for the common man
Florence Kelly
This woman fought to get rid of child labor and to reduce woman work hours
In this type of economic structure individual people own the means of production
Eugene V Debs
This is the name of the head of the socialist party in the US