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NIC Coders Coding

What is the largest section of the six CPT manual sections?


Does Medicare reimburse for a surgical tray?


The subsections in the Surgery section are usually divided according to ___________.

medical specialty or body system or anatomical site.

These are found at the beginning of each section and contain information specific to he section.


This symbol indicates new or revised text within the current edition of the CPT manual.

l> <l

Information within parenthesis is referred to as ________ expression or phrase.


Before assigning this type of code, you must be certain that a more specific Category I or a Category III code is not available.___________


This report contains the nature, extent, need, time, effort, and at times equipment necessary to provide a service. ________


This designation within the CPT manual indicates a proedure that is only reported when it is performed as the only procedure or when another procedure performed at the same time is unrelated to this procedure. This is a ______procedure.


When time, effort, and services are bundled together, they form a______package.


______anesthesia is defined as local infiltration, metacarpal/digital block, or topical anesthesia.


According to Medicare guidelines, ______ complications of a surgical procedure are usually included in the reimbursement of major surgical procedure.


Code______is a CPT code that can be assigned to report a surgical tray.


Code______is a HCPCS code that can be assigned to report a surgical tray.


This code reports a postoperative follow-up visit that is included in the global service.


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