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  1. collaboration
  2. expert power
  3. inspirational appeal
  4. BATNA
  5. centrality
  1. a a tactic designed to appeal to the target's values and ideals, thereby creating an emotional or attitudial reaction.
  2. b (high assertiveness, high cooperation) occurs when both parties work together to maximize outcomes.
  3. c represents how important a person's job is and how many people depend on that person to accomplish their tasks.
  4. d a negotiatior's best alternative to a negotiated agreement.
  5. e a form of personal power based on expertise or knowledge.

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  1. (low assertiveness, high cooperation) occurs when one party gives in to the other and acts in a completely unselfish way.
  2. the use of power and influence to direct the activities of followers toward goal achievement.
  3. a form of organizational power based on the control of resources or benefits.
  4. (moderate assertiveness, moderate cooperation) occurs when conflict is resolved through give-and-take concessions.
  5. aimed at at accomplishing a win-win scenario.

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  1. influencethe use of an actual behavior that causes behavorial or attitudial changes in others.


  2. resistanceoccurs when the target refuses to perform the influence request and puts forth an effort to avoid having to do it.


  3. exchanging informationused when the requestor offers a reward or resource to the target in return for performing a request.


  4. substitutabilityhow aware others are of a leader's power and position.


  5. political skilloccur when the influencer enlists other people to help influence the target.