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  1. apprising
  2. substitutability
  3. accomodating
  4. arbitration
  5. reward power
  1. a occurs when a third party determines a binding settlement to a dispute.
  2. b a form of organizational power based on the control of resources or benefits.
  3. c the degree to which people have alternatives in accessing resources.
  4. d (low assertiveness, high cooperation) occurs when one party gives in to the other and acts in a completely unselfish way.
  5. e occurs when the requestor clearly explains why performing the request will benefit the target personally.

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  1. represents how important a person's job is and how many people depend on that person to accomplish their tasks.
  2. occur when the requestor asks for something based on personal friendship or loyalty.
  3. a process by which two parties resolve conflicts through the use of a specially trained, neutral third party.
  4. the second stage of the negotiation process, during which each party makes the strongest case for its position.
  5. occurs when the target is allowed to participate in deciding how to carry out or implement a request.

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  1. compromiseoccurs when targets of influence are willing to do what the leader asks, but they do it with a degree of ambivalence.


  2. ingratiationthe use of favors, compliments, or friendly behavior to make the target feel better about the influence.


  3. closing and commitmentthe fourth and final stage of the negotiation process, during which the agreeement arrived at during bargaining gets formalized.


  4. BATNAa negotiatior's best alternative to a negotiated agreement.


  5. political skilloccur when the influencer enlists other people to help influence the target.