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  1. competing
  2. rational persuasion
  3. reward power
  4. closing and commitment
  5. mediation
  1. a requires a third party to facilitate the dispute resolution process, though this third party has no formal authority to dictate a solution.
  2. b the use of logical agruments and hard facts to show the target that the request is a worthwhile one.
  3. c the fourth and final stage of the negotiation process, during which the agreeement arrived at during bargaining gets formalized.
  4. d a form of organizational power based on the control of resources or benefits.
  5. e (high assertiveness, low cooperation) occurs when one party attempts to get his or her own goals met without concern for the other party's results.

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  1. the ability to effectively understand others at work and use that knowledge to influence others in ways enhance personal and/or organizational objectives.
  2. occur when the requestor asks for something based on personal friendship or loyalty.
  3. (low assertiveness, low cooperation) occurs when one party wants to remain nuetral, stay away from conflict, or postpone the conflict to gather information or let things cool down.
  4. the use of coercive power through threats and demands.
  5. the degree to which people have alternatives in accessing resources.

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  1. consultationoccurs when the target is allowed to participate in deciding how to carry out or implement a request.


  2. referent powera form of personal power based on the attractiveness and charisma of the leader.


  3. powerthe ability to influence the behavior of others and resist unwanted influence in return.


  4. ingratiationa process in which two or more interdependent individuals discuss and attempt to come to an agreement about their different preferences.


  5. leadershipthe use of power and influence to direct the activities of followers toward goal achievement.