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  1. food web
  2. active site
  3. biotic
  4. salivary amylase
  5. degradative reactions
  1. a an enyzme in saliva that begins digestion of starch; converts starch to dissarcharides
  2. b "breaking-down" reactions; type of metabolism
  3. c the portion of an enzyme that attaches to the substrate through weak chemical bonds
  4. d relating to a living component of an ecosystem
  5. e the overlapping food chains of an ecosystem formed by producers, consumers, decomposers

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  1. the breaking down of complex food molecules into simpler ones
  2. the portion of chemical energy that is available to do work
  3. an autotroph; any organism that produces its own food
  4. the outer portion of Earth - air, water, soil - where life is found
  5. a heterotroph; an organism that feeds on other organisms or on their organic wastes

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  1. peristalsisa process by which wavelike contractions of the muscles of the asophagus move food to the stomach


  2. autotrophsorganisms that obtain energy and nutrients from nonliving sources such as the Sun, minerals, and the air (e.g. plants, certain bacteria, organisms that capture energy from hyrodgen sulfide)


  3. substratetype of place where an organism lives


  4. bilefingerlike projections of the small intestine that increase surface area for absoption of digested food


  5. digestionthe process of taking food into the digestive tract