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  1. biosphere
  2. nutrient
  3. producer
  4. degradative reactions
  5. consumer
  1. a the outer portion of Earth - air, water, soil - where life is found
  2. b "breaking-down" reactions; type of metabolism
  3. c a heterotroph; an organism that feeds on other organisms or on their organic wastes
  4. d an autotroph; any organism that produces its own food
  5. e a substance that supports the growth and maintenance of an organism (raw material)

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  1. adenosine diphosphate
  2. the series of chemical reactions by which a living cell breaks down carbohydrates and obtains energy from them
  3. a muscular tube connecting the oral cavity to the stomach
  4. reactions that build proteins from amino acids and build tissues from the proteins (consume free energy)
  5. involves the movement and concentration of the raw materials (nutrients)

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  1. villirelating to a living component of an ecosystem


  2. embryoan organism in its earliest stages of development


  3. bioenergeticsrelating to a living component of an ecosystem


  4. salivary amylasea watery secretion containing digestive enzymes that begin chemical digestion; ph 6.0-7.4


  5. ingestionthe process of taking food into the digestive tract