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  1. biosphere
  2. mechanical work
  3. intracellular digestion
  4. photosynthesis
  5. decomposer
  1. a include movement
  2. b digestion that takes place in the cells (happens w/ plant digestion in cells with the foods the plant has made itself)
  3. c the process by which cells use light energy to make organic compounds from inorganic materials
  4. d Bacteria, fungi, and other heterotrophs break down and that lives on decaying organic material (dead plants, animals), from which it obtains energy and nutrients
  5. e the outer portion of Earth - air, water, soil - where life is found

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  1. the removal of electrons from a molecule
  2. a form of energy that is unusable for organisms and increases the entropy of the universe
  3. the process of taking food into the digestive tract
  4. a heterotroph; an organism that feeds on other organisms or on their organic wastes
  5. the processes that break down food

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  1. catalyststhe chemical activities and changes that take place in a cell or organism


  2. transport workinclude constructing and breaking down large complex molecules and organizing them into larger structural components of cells


  3. bilea secretion of the liver stored in the gallbladder and released through a duct in the small intestine; breaks large fat droplets into smaller ones that enzymes can act on more efficiently


  4. pepsinogenthe inactive form of pepsin


  5. chemoautotrophsautotrophs that perform photosynthesis OR organisms that derive energy from light and form their own organic compounds from abiotic carbon sources


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