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  1. nutrient
  2. trypsin
  3. capillary
  4. energy conversion in a living thing
  5. active site
  1. a a substance that supports the growth and maintenance of an organism (raw material)
  2. b an intestinal enzyme that breaks peptide bonds. producing amino acids from polypeptides
  3. c the portion of an enzyme that attaches to the substrate through weak chemical bonds
  4. d a microscopic blood vessel penetrating the tissue and consisting of a single layer of cells that allows exchange between blood and tissue fluids
  5. e living systems can conserve and use some of the energy released in chemical reactions

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  1. an autotroph; any organism that produces its own food
  2. a single-celled organism
  3. the removal of electrons from a molecule
  4. "breaking-down" reactions; type of metabolism
  5. include movement

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  1. carbohydrate digestionthe breaking down of complex food molecules into simpler ones


  2. bioenergeticsrelating to a living component of an ecosystem


  3. epiglottisa trapdoor-like tissue that normally prevents food and liquids from entering the trachea (airway)


  4. decomposerthe inactive form of pepsin


  5. substratea digestive hormone secreted by the stomach lining; stimulates the secretion of fluid by gastric glands in the stomach