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  1. ADP
  2. feces
  3. producer
  4. 2nd law of thermodynamics
  5. autotrophs
  1. a adenosine diphosphate
  2. b the waste material expelled from the digestive tract and eliminated through the anus
  3. c organisms that obtain energy and nutrients from nonliving sources such as the Sun, minerals, and the air (e.g. plants, certain bacteria, organisms that capture energy from hyrodgen sulfide)
  4. d an autotroph; any organism that produces its own food
  5. e energy transfers and transformations increase the entropy of the universe

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  1. living systems can conserve and use some of the energy released in chemical reactions
  2. type of place where an organism lives
  3. a biochemical pathway that uses energy from the oxidation of inorganic substances to drive the formation of organic molecules
  4. the study of the energy flow and energy transformations among living systems
  5. include movement

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  1. food webthe overlapping food chains of an ecosystem formed by producers, consumers, decomposers


  2. transport workinclude constructing and breaking down large complex molecules and organizing them into larger structural components of cells


  3. trypsina protein-digesting enzyme secreted by stomach gland cells in an inactive form called pepsinogen


  4. cell respirationthe series of chemical reactions by which a living cell breaks down carbohydrates and obtains energy from them


  5. photoautotrophsautotrophs that perform chemosynthesis