9 terms

Map Vocabulary

These defenition are fourth grade level and were taken from a vocabulary quiz I give my students at the beginning of every year.
map title
words on a map that tell the subject of the map
map Key
a part of the map that explains what the symbols on a map stand for, also known as a legend
inset map
a smaller map within/ inside of a larger one
grid system
an arrangement of lines that divide something, such as a map, into squares
a small map or picture of a globe on the main map that shows where it is found in a state, continent, or in the world
map scale
a part of a map that compares a distance on the map to a distance in the world
compass rose
a circular direction marker found on the map
cardinal directions
one of the main directions: north, south, east, west
intermediate directions
one of the directions in between the main ones: northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast