20-21 AP CSP Unit 2 - The Internet code.org

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Fault TolerantCan continue to function even in the event of individual component failures. This is important because elements of complex systems like a computer network fail at unexpected times, often in groups.HTTPHyperText Transfer Protocol - the protocol used for transmitting web pages over the InternetInterneta computer network consisting of interconnected networks that use standardized, open (non proprietary) communication protocols.Packeta chunk of data sent over a network. Larger messages are divided into packets may arrive at the destination in order, out-of-order, or not at allPacket MetadataData added to packets to help route them through the network and reassemble the original message.Routingthe process of finding a path from sender to receiverUDPa protocol used on the internet for fast transmission of information but with minimal error checkingWorld Wide Weba system of linked pages, programs, and files.RouterA type of computer that forwards data across a networkCertificate authorityissue digital certificates that validate the ownership of encryption keys used in secure communications and are based on a trust model.Digital dividediffering access to computing devices and the Internet, based on socioeconomic, geographic, or demographic characteristics