Chapter 15: Scalp Care, Shampooing, and Conditioning

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When does scalp massage usually begin?
A) during the conditioning service
B) before the shampoo service
C) after the conditioning service
D) during the shampoo service
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Which of the following is not one of the key purposes of a shampoo? A) Analyze the hair B) Strengthen the hair C) Set the mood for the visit D) Cleanse the hairB) Strengthen the hairA shampoo that is more ___ can have a pH ranging from 0 to 6.9. A) acidic B) cleansing C) basic D) moisturizingA) acidic____________ create a push-pull effect that rinses oil and dirt away. A) Surfactants B) Bases C) Mixtures D) SolventsA) SurfactantsA _____________shampoo combines surfactants and basic dyes to brighten tones. A) balancing B) medicated C) clarifying D) color enhancingD) color enhancingWater is classified as ______________ because it is capable of dissolving more substances than any other substance known to science. A) a universal solvent B) a base C) a universal mixture D) an acidA) universal solventConditioning lotion that promotes healing of the scalpMedicated scalpLotion that removes oil accumulation from the scalp.Scalp astringentSoftens and improves the health of the scalp.Scalp conditionerSubstance in conditioners that promotes retention of moisture.HumectantTo penetrate the cortex to reinforce the shaft from within.Protein conditionTo treat with concentrated protein and intensive moisturizers.Deep-conditionWhich of the following substances absorb moisture or promote the retention of moisture? A) Silicones B) Humectants C) Proteins D) PreservativesB) HumectantsA _____________ is designed to penetrate the cortex and reinforce the hair shaft from within to temporarily reconstruct the hair. A) balancing treatment B) color enhancer C) detangler D) protein conditionerD) protein conditioner_________ are often added to conditioners to make hair reflect light better and appear shinier. A) Proteins B) Silicones C) Humectants D) AstringentsB) SiliconesWhich of the following can a conditioning treatment not do? A) Improve the quality of new hair growth B) Resotre luster C) Temporarily fix dry or damaged hair D) Smooth the cuticle to achieve healthier looking hairA) Improve the quality of new hair growthA client who has coarse and extremely curly hair would benefit most from which of the following products? A) Protein and moisturizing treatment B) Spray-on thermal protection C) Light leave-in conditioner D) Shampoo that is pH/acid balancedA) Protein and moisturizing treatmentAnother name for a shampoo draping is: A) plastic draping B) bubble draping C) wet draping D) dry drapingC) wet drapingDraping is an important aspect of every service because it: A) indicates who is a client and who is a cosmetologist B) contributes to the client's safety and comfort C) provides a barrier from germs in the salon D) protects the cosmetologist from liabilityB) contributes to the client's safety and comfortThe main difference between shampoo and chemical services draping is: A) the arrangement of the towels B) the number of towels used C) the placement of the cape D) the material the drapes are made ofD) the material the drapes are made ofA chemical draping is removed: A) once the service is completed B) once chemicals are no longer being applied to the head and hair C) after the shampoo D) before blow drying and stylingA) once the service is completedWhen securing the cape, it is important not to: A) fold it lengthwise B) pinch the client's skin C) put another towel over it D) let it touch the client's skinD) let it touch the client's skinYou should NOT shampoo a client's hair if which of the following is present? A) dandruff B) oil C) scalp abrasions D) controlled hypertensionC) scalp abrasionsThe overlapping layers or scales of natural bristle brushes are used to: A) loosen scales from the scalp B) strip the hair in preparation for coloring C) clean and add luster to the hair D) dry the hair shaftC) clean and add luster to the hairWhat should you do if a client requests a dry scalp treatment, and you notice that he or she has reddened scalp irritations? A) use a gentle shampoo and conditioner B) refer the client to a physician C) apply an antibacterial ointment D) recommend an oily scalp treatment insteadB) refer the client to a physicianWhen performing a shampoo, the most important rule regarding posture is to always: A) keep your shoulders back B) keep your wrists flexed C) relax your abdomen D) use only your fingertipsA) keep your shoulders backHair that has been lightened, colored, or permed is categorized as: A) chemically treated B) normal C) oily D) dryA) chemical treatedA shampoo with a pH of _____ closely matches the ideal pH of hair. A) 3 B) 6 C) 8 D) 10B) 6Which of the following substances is classified as a universal solvent? A) water B) peroxide C) alcohol D) bleachA) waterThe process in which water passes through a porous substance to remove suspended materials is called: A) chlorination B) sedimentation C) filtration D) distillationC) filtrationWhich water treatment process is often used in the manufacturing of cosmetics? A) filtration B) distillation C) sedimentation D) chlorinationB) distillationThe second ingredient most shampoos have in common is the primary surfactant or: A) base detergent B) conditioning agent C) artificial color D) deionized waterA) base detergentThe oil-attracting tail of a surfactant molecule is termed: A) hydrophilic B) primary C) deionized D) lipophilicD) lipophilicThe hydrophilic end of a surfactant molecule is considered the: A) oil-attracting tail B) water-attracting head C) water-resistant end D) oil-resistant endB) water-attracting headWhich of the following is NOT a common shampoo additive? A) proteins B) preservatives C) perfumes D) waterD) waterWhich of the following is the most widely purchased of all hair care products? A) shampoo products B) conditioning products C) semipermanent haircolor D) hair gelsA) shampoo productsThe key to determining which shampoo will leave the client's hair shiny and manageable is: A) manufacturer's directions B) personal preference C) personal recommendations D) the list of ingredientsD) list of ingredientsThe shampoo service includes each of the following EXCEPT:​ ​A) hot towel application ​B) scalp massage ​C) shampooing ​D) conditioningA) hot towel applicationWhat are the two basic requirements for a healthy scalp?​ A) ​cleanliness and heat B) ​heat and relaxation ​C) cleanliness and stimulation ​D) stimulation and relaxationC) cleanliness and stimulationHow often should the hair be shampooed?​ A) ​twice a day ​B) daily C) once a week ​D) as often as necessary to remove dirt, oils, and product buildupD) as often as necessary to remove dirt, oils, and product buildupWhen does scalp massage usually begin? ​A) before the shampoo B) ​during the shampoo C) ​during the conditioning service ​D) after the conditioning serviceC) during the conditioning service​When performing a scalp massage, you should: ​A) use rapid motions ​B) maintain contact with the head at all times ​C) keep your fingers stiff ​D) use a strong touchB) maintain contact with the head at all times​The main difference between massage for relaxation and massage done in conjunction with a treatment is the: A) products you use B) type of movements involved ​C) need for a physician's approval ​D) duration of the massageA) products you useWhat is the purpose of a general scalp treatment?​ A) ​to stimulate the follicles to increase circulation and hair growth ​B) to open the lymph vessels to stimulate the flow of lymph ​C) to help the client relax both physically and mentally ​D) to maintain the scalp and hair in a clean and healthy conditionD) to maintain the scalp and hair in a clean and healthy condition​Which of the following is NOT a common cause of dry scalp? ​A) sun exposure ​B) harsh soaps ​C) sebum ​D) chemicalsC) sebumWhich type of product is appropriate for a dry scalp treatment? A) ​lotion with a high alcohol content B) high detergent-based cleanser​ ​C) product containing sulfated-oil base ​D) product containing emollientsD) product containing emollientsWhat causes excessive scalp oiliness?​ A) ​overactive sebaceous glands B) ​overactive sudoriferous glands ​C) lack of exercise ​D) strong blood circulationA) overactive sebaceous glandsModern antidandruff shampoos, conditioners, and topical lotions contain _____ agents.​ ​A) antibacterial ​B) antifungal ​C) antiviral ​D) antiparasiticB) antifungalCorrect hair brushing does all of the following EXCEPT:​ A) ​prepare the hair for a bleach lightening service ​B) stimulate blood circulation to the scalp C) ​help remove dust and dirt from the hair D) ​give hair added shineA) prepare the hair for bleach lightening service​To detangle wet hair after the shampoo process, you should use a: ​A) thick natural bristle brush ​B) styling brush ​C) hair pick D) ​wide-toothed combD) wide-toothed comb​As a general rule: ​A) oily hair needs to be shampooed more often than normal hair ​B) normal hair needs to be shampooed more often than oily hair ​C) dry hair needs to be shampooed more often than oily hair D) oily hair should never be shampooedA) oily hair needs to be shampooed more often than normal hair​The more alkaline the shampoo: ​A) the closer it is to the ideal pH of hair B) ​the closer it is to the pH of water C) ​the more gentle it is D) ​the stronger and harsher it isD) the stronger and harsher it isIf the water for your salon comes from a well, it is most likely _____ water.​ A) ​soft ​B) hard ​C) distilled ​D) sedimentedB) hard​You should use _____ water to rinse the shampoo out of clients' hair. A) ​hot ​B) cold ​C) warm ​D) coolC) warmThe main ingredient in most shampoos is _____ water.​ A) deionized​ ​B) mineral ​C) chlorinated ​D) distilledA) deionized​A _____ shampoo is designed to make hair appear smooth and shiny and to improve its manageability. ​A) clarifying ​B) medicated ​C) balancing ​D) conditioningD) conditioningWhich type of shampoo is designed to repair damaged and brittle hair?​ ​A) dry ​B) strengthening C) moisturizing ​D) clarifyingB) strengthening​Which type of shampoo is used to help return hair to the correct pH after a chemical interaction? ​A) neutralizing B) ​color-enhancing ​C) sulfate-free ​D) balancingA) neutralizing​What type of product is a special chemical agent applied to the hair to deposit protein or moisturizer? A) ​thermal protector ​B) scalp astringent lotion ​C) conditioner ​D) dry shampooC) conditioner​A _____ conditioner is a deep, penetrating conditioner that restores protein and moisture. ​A) treatment ​B) cleansing C) ​leave-in ​D) rinse-outA) treatmentA(n) _____ absorbs moisture or promotes the retention of moisture.​ ​A) scalp astringent lotion B) alcohol-based astringent​ ​C) thermal protector ​D) humectantD) humectant​A _____ is used to remove oil accumulation from the scalp. ​A) spray-on thermal protector ​B) scalp astringent lotion C) ​scalp conditioner ​D) medicated scalp lotionB) scalp astringent lotionWhen performing a shampoo draping, you should:​ A) ​apply a paper neck strip B) drape the client with a styling cape ​C) use one terry cloth towel to protect the client from getting wet D) position the cape on the outside of the shampoo chairD) position the cape on the outside of the shampoo chairWhat is the first step of the pre-service procedure?​ A) Disinfect your station and client chair. B) Clean all tools and implements​. ​C) Collect all implements you will use during the service. ​D) Put on a fresh pair of gloves.D) Put on a fresh pair of gloves​Each day, you should ensure that the disinfection container is filled with clean disinfectant solution at least _____ minutes before your first service. A) 5​ ​B) 15 C) ​20 ​D) 30C) 20What is the first step of the post-service procedure? ​A) Determine whether the client is satisfied. ​B) Schedule the next appointment. ​C) Advise the client about proper at-home maintenance. ​D) Recommend home care products.A) Determine whether the client is satisfied​Where should you begin shampooing a client's hair? A) apex B) nape ​C) sides D) hairline​D) hairline