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Hematology and Oncology Unit 6

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corticosteroids (PO,IT), vincristine (IV), L-asparaginase (IM), possibly doxorubicin (IV), methotrexate (IT), cytosine arabinoside (IT).

If someone has ALL, most mild form, they get corticosteroids into the spinal column -corticosteroids in high doses helps suppress leukemic cells.
Vincristine- neuropathic agent that damages the nervous system (causes neuropathy) -comes from periwinkles

Asparaginase- only drug that can be given IM, causes such severe anaphylaxis that 2 nurses have to be present and call doc before giving. Hold pressure on site after administration for 5 whole minutes while other nurse is checking BP every 5 mins

Doxorubicin (daumomycin, Adriamycin- cousin drugs) -it is red & is cardiotoxic. Must get an EKG and echocardiogram to make sure the heart muscle is strong enough. This is a vesicant (if ANY infiltration will cause 3rd degree burns in the tissues.) so toxic to the skin. If you are giving this, given IV push or 1 hour IV infusion every 5 mins aspirate for a blood return, if push- push a little, aspirate, push a little, aspirate...

Adriamycin has a maximum lifetime amount. (best breast cancer drug, but if they develop it later in life after having ALL as a child, they may can not have it.) Tell girls to wear light-day pads because it makes the urine red and will stain underwear

Methotrexate- IT= interthecally, in the spine

Cytosine arabinoside- remember that it causes severe bone marrow depression in 7-14 days (kills off all bone marrow and that's how it kills the cancer) -get ready for them to be anemic, thrombocytopenic, etc. Will start loosing their hair within 4 days. Also causes oral stomatitis. (can give magic mouthwash)