Human Sexuality FINAL review

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Rape is defined as nonconsensual
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Pedophiles are _____ likely to be attracted to boys than girls and are _____ likely than controls to have had accidents before the age of 6 involving head injury.less; moreOne study of women who experienced child sexual abuse that was documented with medical records found that _____ did not remember the abuse.38%Regarding recidivism rates and child molesters,Recidivism was higher among those who targeted male, rather than female, victims.What type of sexual harassment requires a person to engage in a sexual behavior in return for a benefit related to employment or education?quid pro quo harassmentA man who mixes sexual attraction, a stereotype of women as sexy, and a desire to dominate women has characteristics of _____ harassment.competitive-ambivalent harassmentThe term "responsive desire" means thata person begins to feel desire when sexual activity starts.Sexual aversion falls under which major category of sexual dysfunction?Desire disorderIf a woman reports that she is experiencing an inability to either obtain or maintain adequate lubrication in response to sexual stimulation, what diagnosis will a sex therapist likely offer?female sexual arousal disorderAccording to the NHSLS results, what percentage of men reported problems related to premature ejaculation in the last year?29%What term refers to painful intercourse?DyspareuniaRegarding the effects of alcohol on sexual responding, which statement is NOT true?Expectancy effects may increase physiological arousal and overcome any depressant effects at high levels of consumption._____ could include both performance-related distractions or appearance-related distractions that could interfere with sexual responses.SpectatoringWhich of the following BEST describes Tiefer's critique of the American Psychiatric Association's categorization of sexual disorders?The disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual ignore differences among women and treat male/female sexuality as equivalent.Which of the following is NOT true regarding Masters and Johnson's therapy?They found a high failure rate for premature ejaculation.Substituting erotic fantasies for worry about how attractive one's body is would be an example of a technique called _____.cognitive restructuringThe stop-start technique is used for treating ________.premature ejaculation_____exercises are used to strengthen the pubococcygeal muscle which may have been stretched in childbirth.KegelAn intracavernous injection would be used to treat what disorder?erectile disorderWhat is a treatment for vaginismus?using dilators to help open and relax the vaginal musclesWhat organization provides certification for therapists in human sexuality?American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and TherapistsWhat percentage of men and women with chlamydia are asymptomatic?50% of men; 75% of womenWhich of the following statements is NOT true regarding HPV?HPV does not go away on its own.Which statement regarding herpes is TRUE?Herpes can be transmitted to a newborn during childbirth.Which country implemented a "100 percent condom program" for sex workers?ThailandWhich statement about HIV/AIDS is NOT true?HIV invades the body by taking over red blood cell production in the bone marrow, replicating more HIV cells.A person is diagnosed with AIDS when he/she meets one of several criteria including a T cell count thatfalls below 200The ELISA test has a _____ false positive rate and a _____ false negative rate.fairly high; very low"Nonprogressors" refers toHIV-positive individuals who go for a number of years with no symptoms and no immune system decline._____ is believed to be the oldest of the STI's.gonorrheaThe majority of women infected with gonorrhea have what symptoms?none—they are asymptomaticPID can be caused by _____ and can lead to _____.gonorrhea; sterility caused by fallopian tube scaring.What is the first symptom of syphilis?chancres—small, painless, red-brown soresWhat is a serious complication that can result from infection with hepatitis B?liver diseaseTrichomoniasis is caused by a _____ and is treated with _____.protozoan; FlagylWhich of the following is NOT a suggestion from your text to prevent STIs?Intercourse without a condom is probably safe for symptomless individuals.