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nasal cavity

area where air enter nose; has hairs and mucus to filter out dirt/bacteria; warms and moistens air


windpipe where air flows down to lungs; held open by cartilage rings


flap of tissue that covers trachea when you eat or drink to prevent choking


two big branched air tubes that lead into each lung


smaller branching air tubes that lead to air sacs


grape-like air sacs where oxygen enters bloodstream


tiny blood vessels that cover alveoli

lung cancer

disease caused by smoking where lung cells grow out of control


condition where bronchi and bronchioles close off making it hard to breathe


body reacts badly to dust, smoke or pets making you sneeze


a disease caused by smoking that destroys alveoli permanently


a disease caused by bacteria where air ways are inflamed and mucus fills the bronchi and bronchioles causes coughing


a disease caused by bacteria where the lung is inflamed and mucus fills the alveoli making it very difficult to breathe

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