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Chapter 3

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The specialty in psychology that studies the interaction of biology, behavior, and mental processes

A section of psychology focusing on how physical and mental processes and behavior are connected

Biopsychology is like watching three little kids playing together and examining the interaction between the three kids
Segment of a chromosome that encodes the directions for the inherited physical and mental characteristics of an organism. Genes are the functional units of a chromosome

A gene is a section of a chromosome with directions to create an inborn physical or mental trate in an organism.

A gene is like a blueprint for a certain aspect of the body whether mental or physical
The nervous system's ability to adapt or change as the results of experience. It may also help the nervous system adapt to physical damage.

The nervous system can change because of experience or damage.

If I went camping one time and it was raining, the next time I would probably bring a waterproof jacket and tent. This is similar to how our neurons adapt to our experiences
Cells that bind the neurons together. Glial cells also provide an insulating covering (myeline sheath) of the axon for some neurons, which facilitates the electrical impulse

Glial cells help connect and protect the neurons

The glial cells are like a blanket over two people because the blanket connects the two people and also protects the people.