C4 T11

What did the Japanese do for entertainment?
watch dramas that depicted tragic themes
What were the dramas written about?
ancient warriors
What did paintings depict?
Classical literature
Who introduced a new type of urban fiction and what was it about?
Sakaku, the self-made man
When did the Portuguese arrive in Japan?
What items did the Portuguese bring?
clocks and tobacco
Who did the Portuguese oust?
the Muslims
What did the Portuguese have that was of the daimyo's interest?
muskets and cannons
The introduction of what items led to the demise of the use of the sword?
the introduction of muskets and cannons
What happened when the daimyos started using muskets and cannons
it led to the demise of the use of the sword and leaders began to build fortified castles
When did Christian missionaries begin to arrive?
Who sought to convert the Japanese?
Jesuit, Franciscan, and Dominican orders
Who led the missionary group in Japan?
Francis Xavier
What did Francis Xavier do?
lead the first missionary group in Japan
Why was Christianity banned?
Ieyasu became upset by the progress of missionaries
When was Christianity banned?
What and when was Christianity eliminated in Japan?
in 1637, all Japanese had to show their allegiance to some branch of Buddhism
When was Japan's closed policy instituted?
Why did Japan close up to the worlddd?
they did not like the influence of the Western world
What port remained open to farmers?
Who was allowed to trade with the Japanese?
the Dutch and Chinese