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Which democrat ran in the Election of 1852?

Franklin Pierce - dark-horse candidate

Who won the Election of 1852?

Franklin Pierce

How did Franklin Pierce's only son die?

In a tragic train accident

What happened to Franklin after his son died?

He became an alcoholic.

When did Millard Fillmore become president?

After Zachary Taylor died (1850-1853)

Fugitive Slave Act

Federal officers were to catch runaway slaves

Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, and how successful was it?

Harriet Beecher Stowe - outsold the Bible!!

Why was Uncle Tom's Cabin important?

People in the North who had never even thought about the evils of slavery become abolitionists.

Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854

This becomes a law - End to the peace of the Compromise of 1850 - Reopened the slavery issue!!

Who wrote the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

Senator Stephen Douglas (the Little Giant) from Illinois

What was the civil war in Kansas called?

"Bleeding Kansas"

What is important about the "Bleeding Kansas"?

Two governments now in Kansas

Explain how John Brown sought revenge.

John Brown, a fervent abolitionist, sought revenge. He led his four sons to a proslavery settlement along Pottawatomie Creek. They murdered five men by splitting open their heads. Over 200 people were killed.

What happened when Charles Sumner made insulting comments about Preston Brook's uncle, Andrew Butler?

Congressman Brooks came into the Senate chamber and attacked Sumner. - Sumner-Brooks Affair of 1856

Who was Charles Sumner?

a Senator from Massachusetts

What is the significance of the Sumner-Brooks Affair of 1856?

It revealed rising level of hostility between North and South

What year was the Missouri Compromise written, and under whom was it written?

1820 - President Monroe

What did Senator James Talmadge want?

To outlaw slavery in Missouri

What part did Henry Clay play in the compromise?

Wrote the Compromise of 1820

What are the 3 provisions to the Missouri Compromise (1820)?

1. Maine was admitted as a free state.
2. Missouri was admitted as a slave state.
3. Slavery would not be allowed in the rest of the Louisiana Purchase north of the 36 30 line.

Wilmot Proviso

Outlaw slavery in the lands won from Mexico

What was popular sovereignty?

The people rule! Every territory could decide whether it wanted to be slave or free.

Louis Cass

Senator from Michigan - came up with popular sovereignty

Who won the Election of 1848?

Zachary Taylor

Who ran for the free-soilers in the Election of 1848?

Martin Van Buren

Who would not take a stand on slavery?

The Democrats and the Whigs

What was the significance of what the free-soilers wanted?

Questioned slavery's expansion for the first time - Deadlock in Congress!

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