22 terms

So you want to be president

Story- so you want to be president.
having too much pride in your looks or abilities
the works of government, managemen of public business
not proud; modest
seriously; with dignity
very great
the written set of fundamental principles by which the US is governed
Where is the consititution kept?
in a museum
What is the constitution?
a document stating the system of laws
What is politics?
another word for government
What is another word for solemnly?
What are good things about being President?
private pool, theater, bowling alley- eat what you want-maid service- don't take trash out
How did Quentin Roosevelt make his brother happy?
by bringing a horse into his sick brother's bedroom by elevator
What types of pets have lived in white house?
dogs, cats, horses, raccoons, rats
What did George Washington, Harry Truman, Andrew Jackson have in common?
They didn't go to college.
What is a generalization about story?
It isn't easy to be President.
How many presidents have their been
Why did the author write this story?
So he could tell us about Presidents
Do we all want to become President for the same reason?
What do you think about Abraham Lincoln?
He was a humble man.
How did the author organize this story?
By comparing facts about the presidents
Why did the author include that Taft said "I see that one of his adversaries lost his head."
To show he had a good sense of humor