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  1. possible treatments of stimulant OD
  2. details of the assessment of drug and alcohol use
  3. the most common substance probems
  4. abuse
  5. nicotine
  1. a alcohol abuse
  2. b is the use of a substance that falls outside of medical necessity or social acceptance resulting in adverse effects to the abuser or to other
  3. c antipsychotics, ambient cooling for hyperpyrexia, diazepam for convulsion, nursing management treat symptoms
  4. d higly addictive alters mood, appetite legal
  5. e drug use and route
    history of past substance use
    medical tx
    psych tx
    psychosocial issues

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  1. when some drugs are taken together, the effect or both of the durgs is intensified or prolonged
  2. have you ever had to use it as an eye opener
  3. both brain and behavior
  4. coma
  5. craving/ complusive patterns
    continued use despite adverse consequences
    loss of control

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  1. what can BAL be used to assess levels ofcut down


  2. ENABLED what does the L stand forliked to use drugs and alcohol my selft to relax


  3. addiction...


  4. what are the 2 questions of importance with assessing an addictNV, tacycardia, sweating, anxiety or irritabiltiy, tremors, insomnia, seiures, delirium


  5. Inhalantshigly addictive alters mood, appetite legal


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