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  1. when is the cage test positive
  2. WD effects of opiates
  3. what are some symptoms of DTs
  4. marijuanna is
  5. what are some intoxicatin effects of opiates
  1. a the most commonly abused illicit durg in the US
  2. b yawning, insomnia, irritablity, runny nose, panic, diphoresis, cramps, NV, muscle aches bone pain, chills fever, lacrimation, diarrhea
  3. c autonomic hyperactivity, sever disturbance in sensorium, perceptual disturbances, fluctuation levels of consciousness, paranoid, agitated fever 100-103
  4. d if the person answers yes to one question it is a possible problem
    if the person answers yes to more than one question it is a probable problem
  5. e constirctied pupils, decreased respiration, drowsiness, decreased bp, slurred speech, psychomotor retardation, uphoria follwo by dysphoria, impaired attention and judgment and memory

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  1. impaired driving , slurred speech
  2. both brain and behavior
  3. an opiate antagonist, is often given to people who have overdosed on an opiate (usually heroin) to revers respiratior and CNS depression
  4. exonerated irresponsibility or cosigned for waste and didn't really see it
  5. cut down

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  1. alcohol withdrawalreduction or cessatio of alcohol use that had been heavy or prolonged
    N/v, anxiety, illusion, hyperactivity (sweating , increased pluse over 100 bpm). psychomotor agitation, insomnia, seizures, increased hand tremors


  2. ENABLED what does the E stand fordefended the colleague


  3. how do you treats WD from CNS depressantsperform carefully titrated detoxification with similar drug NOTE: aburpt withdrawal can lead to death


  4. flashbacksis the use of a substance that falls outside of medical necessity or social acceptance resulting in adverse effects to the abuser or to other


  5. addictionoccurs when a tolerance to the drug occurs and the person has to take more and more of the durg to stay normal or prevent withdrawal


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