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  1. flashbacks
  2. how is alcohol intoxication measured
  3. possible treatments of stimulant OD
  4. with a BAL of 0.30 what occurs with a persons activity
  5. Possible withdrawal treatment of opiates
  1. a antipsychotics, ambient cooling for hyperpyrexia, diazepam for convulsion, nursing management treat symptoms
  2. b transitory recurrences of perceptual distrubance caused by a person earlier hallucinogenic durg use when her or she is in a durg free state
  3. c methadone tapering, clonidine-naltrexone detoxificaion, buprenorphine substitution
  4. d confusion, stupor
  5. e BAL

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  1. recent ingestion of alcohol, slurred speech, incoordination, unsteady gait, nystagmus, impaired in attention or memory, stupor or coma
  2. liked to use drugs and alcohol my selft to relax
  3. yawning, insomnia, irritablity, runny nose, panic, diphoresis, cramps, NV, muscle aches bone pain, chills fever, lacrimation, diarrhea
  4. synthetic substances related to male hormones is associated with atheletes , models, school age children , professionals, etc.

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  1. what are some symptoms of DTsannoyed when someone talks about your use


  2. what does the E stand forfelt guilty about your use


  3. alcohol related medical problemsaffects all organ systems, in particular the cNS and GI (esphagitis, gastritis, pancreatitis, alcoholic epatitis and cirrhosis of liver)


  4. with a BAL of 0.05-0.05 what occurs with a person activitychange in mood, behavior, impaired judgment


  5. nicotinehigly addictive alters mood, appetite legal