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  1. caffine ingestion
  2. what does the E stand for
  3. with a BAL of 0.20 what occurs with a persons activity
  4. nicotine smoking
  5. the three c's of addiction
  1. a craving/ complusive patterns
    continued use despite adverse consequences
    loss of control
  2. b have you ever had to use it as an eye opener
  3. c emphysema, CA, PVD, mouth cancer, CAD, HTN
  4. d staggering, ataxia, emotional labiltiy
  5. e reflux, peptic ulcer, increased intraocular pressure/ glucoma, tachycardia, incrased plasma glucose and lipid levels

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  1. NV, tacycardia, sweating, anxiety or irritabiltiy, tremors, insomnia, seiures, delirium
  2. impaired driving , slurred speech
  3. death from respiratory depression
  4. fatigue, depression, agitation, apathy, anxiety, sleepiness, disorientation, lethargy, craving
  5. exonerated irresponsibility or cosigned for waste and didn't really see it

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  1. details of the assessment of drug and alcohol usedrug use and route
    history of past substance use
    medical tx
    psych tx
    psychosocial issues


  2. how do you treats WD from CNS depressantsIF AWAKE: keep awake
    induce vomiting
    charcoal to aid in absorption
    vs q 15 min
    IF COMA: clear airway, IV fluids, gastric lavage charcoal, freqeusnt VS, seiures precautions, hemodialsis or peritoneal dialysis, GIVE ROMAZICON IV


  3. what does the G stand forfelt guilty about your use


  4. after alcohol withdrawal, how long does it take for delirium occurepeaks in 2-3 days after stopping and last for 2-3 days


  5. antagonistic effectswhen some drugs are taken together, the effect or both of the durgs is intensified or prolonged