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  1. abuse
  2. what are some effects of the use of CNS depressants
  3. alcohol withdrawal
  4. antagonistic effects
  5. flashbacks
  1. a reduction or cessatio of alcohol use that had been heavy or prolonged
    N/v, anxiety, illusion, hyperactivity (sweating , increased pluse over 100 bpm). psychomotor agitation, insomnia, seizures, increased hand tremors
  2. b durgs to weaken or inhigit the effects of another drug
  3. c slurred speech, decreased bp, aggression, impaired judgement, social or occupational function, impaired attention or memory irritabilty
  4. d is the use of a substance that falls outside of medical necessity or social acceptance resulting in adverse effects to the abuser or to other
  5. e transitory recurrences of perceptual distrubance caused by a person earlier hallucinogenic durg use when her or she is in a durg free state

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  1. synthetic substances related to male hormones is associated with atheletes , models, school age children , professionals, etc.
  2. fatigue, depression, agitation, apathy, anxiety, sleepiness, disorientation, lethargy, craving
  3. accepted responsibilty for the unfinished work
  4. defended the colleague
  5. respirtatory arrest

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  1. what are some intoxicatin effects of opiatesCardiovascular or respiratory depressants


  2. the three c's of addictioncraving/ complusive patterns
    continued use despite adverse consequences
    loss of control


  3. the comorbidity of mental illness and substance abuse50%


  4. how do you treat an ODIF AWAKE: keep awake
    induce vomiting
    charcoal to aid in absorption
    vs q 15 min
    IF COMA: clear airway, IV fluids, gastric lavage charcoal, freqeusnt VS, seiures precautions, hemodialsis or peritoneal dialysis, GIVE ROMAZICON IV


  5. Over dose of stimulantsrespiratory depression, ataxia, hyperpyrexia, convulsion, coma ,stroke, myocardial infarction, death