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virtual machinesoftware that creates one or more logical computers on a physical computer.UNIXAn operating system developed in the 1970s for midrange servers and mainframes; many variations of this operating system are in use today.TracksCircles on a magnetic storage device where data is stored or retrieved.ToolbarA set of icons or buttons displayed horizontally or vertically on the screen that can be used to issue commands to the computerSynchronizationThe method that enables multiple audio and visual media to maintain a direct time relationshipSubdirectoryA directory or folder contained in another directory or folder. Also called a child directory or folder.Root DirectoryThe main directory created when a hard drive or disk is first formatted. In Linux, it's indicated by a forward slash. In DOS and Windows, it's indicated by a backward slash.SectorsDivisions on magnetic media used for storing digital information.RibbonA screen element that displays buttons for accessing Office features and commandsRestoreReturn a minimized window to its previous size and position on the screen.Resource forkA storage characteristic of Mac OS that creates a file containing a description of the data stored in an accompanying raw data filePush technologySends data to a user's computer without a request being madeRecovery partitionA section of a hard disk that contains the files necessary to restore a computer's hard disk contents to factory conditionMultithreadingRunning several program processes or parts (threads) at the same time.MultiprocessingThe capability of an operating system to use multiple processors in a single computer, usually to process multiple jobs at one time faster than could be performed with a single processor.MetadataCan include such information as the project author, title, or subject.Linuxan open-source version of the UNIX operating systemPacket WritingThe process of recording data to a CD or DVD in multiple sessions. Contrast with disc mastering.Menu BarAt the top of the screen, a listing of the names of menus, each of which contains a set of commandsKernelAn essential set of programs and computer code that allows a computer operating system to control processor, disk, memory, and other functions central to its basic operation.