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hard and soft palate

what two things separate the nasal and oral cavity

cilia and nasal mucosa

functions are moving mucus to pharynx for swollowing

respiratory conducting passageway

functions are humidifying, warmth, purifying and delivering air


external nares, nasal septum, nostrils, nasal cavity

paranasal sinuses

lighten the skull, act as resonance chambers, moisten air and make mucus

pharnygeal tonsil

adenoids located high in the nasopharynx are also known as

true vocal chords

vibration due to exhaled air the results in speech is a function of


air from the nasal cavity enters the superior portion of the pharynx called the


apex, bases rest on diaphragm, right has 3 lobes, left has 2


glide on each other, cling together, produce slippery solution, plueracy


critical to lung function, chemical that helps babies breathe


exchange of o and co2 throught respiratory membranes occurs by _____ diffusion

right main bronchus

wider, shorter and straighter than left and known to take in foreign objects

simple squamos

type of epithelium are the walls of the alveoli largely composed of


cessation of breathing


clears upper respiratory passages


venilates avioli


___________ is similar to crying

vital capacity

total amount of exchangeable air

pulmonary ventilation

air moving in and out of the lungs


during_________ gas flows out, intro pulmonary volume decreases


passive process normal pressure is __________


bluish cast due to lack of oxygen

residual volume

amount of air left in the lungs after greatest expiratory effort


carbonic acid goes up; slow breathing

internal respiration

gas exchange between blood and cells


increased co2 in blood leads to an ______ in rate of breathing

cystic fibrosis

empares food digestion, thick mucus clogs respiratory passages,salty sweat, common lethal disease

28-30 weeks

surfactant is found in fetal lungs by what age

COPD/lung cancer

most damaging and disabling respiratory disease in the US


leads to death in infants


respiratory rate of newborn infants is around ______ per minute

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