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Right Ventricle, Pulmonary Artery, and Left Atrium

Which of the following are involved directly in the pulmonary circulation?

have I and A bands

Cardiac muscle cells are like skeletal muscle cells in that they ______.

increases as blood viscosity increases

Peripheral resistance __________.


Permitting the exchange of nutrients and gases between the blood and tissue cells is the primary function of ________.

All carry blood away from the heart

Which statement best describes arteries?

The AV valves are supported by chordae tendineae so that they do not blow back up into the atria during ventricular contraction.

Select the correct statement about the heart valves.

closure of the heart valves

Normal heart sounds are caused by which of the following events?

are NOT found in the brain.

Fenestrated capillaries _________.

can be improved by regular exercise

Cardiac reserve ________.

coronary arteries

The source of blood carried to capillaries in the myocardium would be the _______.

AV valve

Which of the following is NOT part of the conduction system of the hear?

AV node

Damage to the ______ is referred to as heart block.

Capillaries of the active muscles will be engorged with blood.

Which of the following is likely during vigorous exercise?

the vessel selected to palpate

Which of the following do NOT influence arterial pulse rate?

pulmonary veins only

Blood ejected from the ventricles enters which of these vessels during ventricular systole?

papillary muscles

Small muscle masses attached to the chordae tendineae are the ________.

is the same as capillary blood pressure.

In the dynamics of blood flow through capillaries, hydrostatic pressure _________.

left atrium

Blood within the pulmonary veins returns to the ________.

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