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Theme: Kentucky Fried Chicken (Kantahkiy Sâsiswâw Pâhkahâhkwân)

Kantahkiy Sâsiswâw Pâhkahâhkwân
Kentucky Fried Chicken." There is some variation in the stem "to fry." In Arok's dictionary, one stem is listed as "sâsâpiskisikê." I think that this stem implies "frying" by pan because of the stem "-âpisk" which is embedded in it. Of course, a deep fryer of KFC would not be done by a frying pan. Note the ending: the ending on "sâsisw-" is "-âw" which implies that the verb is passive with an animate noun (chicken) receiving the action of the verb. e.g. "it is fried" in English. pâhkahâhkwân is the stem for chicken. [êkosi, KSP is Cree KFC. êkwa mîna KâSPahcikan is any crunchy food, (chips, popcorn, etc.) so that's just about perfect.]
micîhcîsa ta-nâh-nôkwâcikâtêki
"finger licking good". micîhcîsa= fingers, nôkwât= "lick": nâh- intensifies the verb (in Cree grammar this is called reduplication), the "-ikâtê" ending is another passive meaning the noun receives the action of the verb, but in this case the noun (fingers) is inanimate; e.g. "for them to be licked" (e.g. the fingers); "-ki" makes it plural. [Another word that might encompass all of this is sôpahcikê which has been translated "eat good food and lick one's fingers"; thus sôpahcikêwin "finger-licking goodness" or ta-sôpahcikêhk "for people to eat finger-licking good food"]
pâhkahâhkwâniwiyâs mistikowat
"bucket of chicken". Proposed by Jhaik Windy Hair. wiyâs=meat; mistikowat= means "box; container made of wood" which might work as an extended metaphor. [Perhaps the noun could be in the locative form: mistikowatihk "(chicken) in a box"]
pâhkahâhkwân mahkahk
"bucket of chicken." "mahkahk" means "tub" or "barrel". [Again, the locative might work: mahkahkohk or even the diminutive noun mahkahkos and its locative mahkahkosihk. Who wants a barrel of KSP?]
pâhkahâhkwân mahkahkwêkin
"bucket of chicken." This is another possible riff on this theme. It would make "mahkahk(w)"= "barrel, tub" to be made out of "-êkin" (paper). [At best this would have to be mahkahkwêkin. Both Arok Wolvengrey and Chris Hunter (Maskêko-Cree) suggest pâhkahâhkwân askihkosihk. A pail of chicken. Just remember folks that the Cree slang for pail "askihkosihk" (literally "in the pail") has certain risqué connotations in some dialectics.
kâya wîhtikowipayi!
"don't turn into a wîhtikow" (e.g. don't eat the last piece in the bucket!")
"Toonie Tuesday" (Courtesy of Jhaik Windy Hair).
pâhkahâhkwân kîskwêwin
"Craziness caused by chicken"
"the great Chicken war": the great epic story of the great chicken wars between the Cree and their adversaries of yesteryear. A hide painting had the original KFC recipe on it. Through the years and wars, this painting exchanged hands many times.
"chicken boss; chicken chief". The Colonel.
"chicken prince; chicken sub-chief". The branch manager- franchise boss.
awas, kâya kakwê-ocêmin! kitômitônân
"Don't try to kiss me. Your lips are greasy" (from chicken)
sâsâsisikês [or sâsâsisowês]
"deep fryer guy"; the guy in charge of the deep frying of chicken. Many sâsâsisikêsak report that after about two years on the job their vision begins to fade because of all of the grease.
wâh-wâhkôhtowin mîcisowin
"extended family meal"
moy tapwe paahkahaahkwaan ooma
"That's not really chicken?"
iyikohk mâna niyanân ê-kî-kitimâkisiyahk, nohtâwiy mâna KFC ê-kî-itohtahikoyahk ka-nitawi-nôkwâtamawâyahkok kotakak ayisiyiniwa ocihcîwâwa!