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Corpus Callosum

The left & right hemispheres exchange information through this set of axons


Division of labor between the two hemispheres

Visual Field

What is visible at any moment

Optic Chiasm

Half of the axons from each eye cross to the opposite side of the brain


A condition characterized by repeated episodes of excessive synchronized neural activity, mainly because of decreased release of the inhibitory transmitter GABA


Point in the brain where the seizures begin

Split-Brain People

People who have undergone surgery to the corpus callosum


A physician injects sodium amytal, a barbiturate tranquilizer, into the carotid artery on one side of the head. The drug puts that side of the brain to sleep, enabling researchers to test the capacities of the other hemisphere

Dichotic Listening Task

A person wears earphones that present different words to the two ears at the same time. The person tries to say either or both words.

Object Naming Latency Task

It measures how fast someone can name an object flushed in the left or right visual field

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