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This is for Modern World: Trimester 1 Questoins from Quizes (DR K)


systems of though and belief


people who supported the old aristocracy


people who supported natural rights and a republican form of government


self rule

conservatives fought against

constitutional government

a liberal was likely to be

a lawyer

liberals wanted governments to be based on

written constitutions

the goal of nationalists was to unify

people with a common national heritage

by 1830 independence was won by


after being restored to the throne, Louis XVIII issued a constitution the

Charter of France

the French called ___the citizen king

- Louis Philippe -

after the turmoil of the June Days the people elected ___ as president

Louis napoleon

Louis Kossuth

lead Hungarian nationalists in demanding independence

Frankfurt assembly

in the ____German delegates tried to draft a constitution for Germany

how did Charles X incite the revolution in Paris

by ignoring the charter of French Liberties

which of the following contributed to the downfall of Louis Philippe

Soaring Bread prices

How did Louis Napoleon win public approval for his seizure of power

a plebiscite

which work best describes the results of the 1848 revolts in Europe

short lived

what leader of European politics was toppled in the "springtime of the peoples"


Haitian leader who lead a successful slave revolt and inspired his people to fight for independence

Toussaint L'Ouverture

Mexican priest who began the long revolt against Spanish rule

Miguel Hidalgo

Mexican mitzedo priest who fought for wide ranging reforms

José Morelos

Creole who completed the Mexican fight for independence and declared himself emperor

Agustín de Iturbide

Latin American Creole who won Latin American independence and set up Gran Colombia

Simón Bolívar

Educated creoles in the 1700s where influenced

enlightenment ideas and revolutions in other lands

father hidalgo's call for independence was taken up by ___ after Hidalgo's death

José Morelos

Simon Bolivar

Helped Argentina win independence from Spain

Bolivar was disappointed when ___ delayed South Americas progress?

violent civil wars

Dom Pedro

became the first leader of an independent Brazil

Bessemer process

operation that produces steel by purifying iron ore

Thomas Edison

made the first light bulb

interchangeable parts

identical components that can be used in place of one another

Gottlieb Daimler

introduce first four-wheeled automobile


business owned by many investors who buy shares of stocks

the two countries that thrust their way to industrial leadership were

Germany and The united states

the marriage of science and industry

spurred economic growth

one example of a new invention that changed communication is

the telephone

one reason a group of corporations would form a cartel was to

set production quotas

Louis Pasteur

developed a vaccine for rabies

the German doctor ___identified the bacteria that caused tuberculosis

Robert Koch

George Haussmann

destroyed tenement housing and rebuilt the poor areas of Paris

As an army nurse during the Crimean war, ______insisted on better hygiene in field hospitals

Florence Nightengale

the English surgeon ____ insisted that surgeons was their hands before operating

Joseph Lister

why did populations soar between 1800 and 1900?

the death rate fell

why were hospitals in the 1800s considered dangerous places

the risk of infection was high

why did London and Paris invest in new sewer systems?

to combat epidemics of cholera and tuberculosis

which best describes living conditions in the slums

harsh and crowded

what happened to the standard of living for workers in the western world as a result of industrialization

it improved

In the 1830s, Prussia created an economic union among German states called the


Bismarck was the master of ___ when evaluating the needs of the state


Bismarck formed an alliance with Austria in 1846 to seize ___ from Denmark

Schleswig and Holstein

William I

became first Kaiser of the second Reich

German nationalists celebrated the birth of the in January 1871

Second Reich

Napoleon's advances in the early 1800s had the effect of

increasing demands for a united German state

Otto von Bismarck's success in creating German unity was due in part to

strong will

the Franco Prussian war was a struggle over

a growing rivalry between the two nations

Bismarck moved Prussia and France towards was by

editing and releasing the "Ems dispatch"

the constitution of the second Reich set up a two house legislature that

gave real power too the emperor and chancellor

nickname for Otto von Bismarck

iron chancellor

battle for civilization


had the most seats in the Reichstag by 1912

social democratic party

asked Bismarck to resign in 1890

William II

how did industrial progress made in 1850s and 1860s help Germany after unification

Germans had founded large companies that served as a base for expansion

how did the German government promote economic development

by lowering tariffs on foreign competition

what was Bismarck's foreign policy goal concerning the French

to keep them weak and isolated

what was the result of Bismarck's kulturkampf

the catholic party gained strength

why did Bismarck's pioneer social reforms in Germany

to woo workers from socialism

how did William II shock Europe

by asking Bismarck to resign

inventor of the seed drill

Jethro Tull

Founder of the Methodist Church

John Wesley

Economist who predicted that the population world outpace the food source

Thomas Malthus

Philosopher who Thought that history was a struggle between classes

Karl marx

Inventor who improved the steam engine

James Watt

Economist who believed that when wages were high, the poor had more children

David Richardo

Thinker who promoted the idea of the "greatest happiness for the greatest number"

Jeremy Bentham

___ were identical components that speeded both assembly and repair because they could be used in place of one another

Interchangeable parts

____ is the belief that one racial group is superior to another


Protestant churches in Europe and the United States urged their worshipers to become involved in a movement to help others known as the__

Social Gospal

Artist who were part of a movement called __ aimed to excite strong emotions with their work


What was an artistic movement that attempted to represent the world as it was


A way of organizing workers and machines in order to assemble a finished product efficiently

assembly line

A business owned by stockholders


The right to vote


The idea that the fittest would always beat out their competitors, whether in war or industry

Social Darwinism

A style of painting that tries to capture the fleeting effects of light on an object


British engineer who invented a process to produce steel

Henry Bessemer

French doctor who proved the "germ theory"

Louis Pasteur

American architect who designed skyscrapers

Louis Sullivan

Quaker school teacher who developed modern atomic theory

John Dalton

A realist English writer who portrayed the lives of slum dwellers

Charles Dickens

What helped British farmers increase food production in the 1700's

Improved farm machinery

Who was most likely to support the idea that society should be based on cooperation instead of competition

Robert Owen

There were few wealthy business people while the majority of the people were poor- were the conditions during the Industrial Revolution that supported the idea of ____

Karl Marx

Wealthy landowners increased food production by ____ during the agricultural revolution in the 1700's

practicing enclosure

which of the following statements regarding workers in the mines and factories during the revolution is true

their working conditions were dangerous and inhumane

which group benefited the mot from the IR

the middle class

the idea that the goal of society should be "the greatest happiness for the greatest number" of its citizens was a philosophy by ____

the utilitarianism

which of the following characteristics was the most highly regarded by the middle class during the 1800s


an example of a romantic painting might be a___

landscape showing a violent storm

which of the following countries were the worlds industrial leaders in the 1900s

Germany and the United States

which of the following new features of city life in the late 1800s had the greatest impact on the poor

sewage systems

the saying "a woman's place is in the home" reflected the values of which of the following groups in the 1850s

the middle class

Darwin challenged traditional beliefs by asserting that ____

all forms of life evolved over millions of years ago

the romantic movement in art and literature was a reaction against ___

the enlightenment

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