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An instrument that tells you the speed you are traveling in miles per hour.
An instrument that indicates the engine revolutions per minute.
The instrument that indicates the total number of miles the vehicle has been driven.
Fuel Gauge
The instrument that shows the amount of fuel in the tank.
Temperature Gauge
This gauge warns you when the coolant in the engine is too hot.
Oil Pressure Warning Light
The gauge that indicates when the oil is not circulating at the proper pressure.
Alternator Warning Light
The vehicle's electrical system is in trouble if this light comes on or the gauge shows "discharge" when the engine is running.
Brake System Warning Light
Reminds you to release the parking brake and it can also indicate that a part or all of your braking system is not functioning.
Antilock Braking System Light
ABS keeps the wheels from locking. If this light is on, the ABS are not working.
Safety Belt Light
This light indicates that your belt is not on.
Air Bag Warning Light
This light tells you if the air bags are in proper working condition.
Turn Signal Indicators
These indicators tell you the direction you have signaled to turn.