American Government Final 1-50

As of January 1, 2011 the President receives an annual salary of
The electoral system broke down in the election of 1800 because of
the rise of political parties
If an incumbent President is seeking another term in office, who will his party likely nominate
The president
The national convention is held to accomplish all of the following EXCEPT:
C. Select party delegates
The least number of Presidential electors a state or district can have is
The Presidential primary can be:
C. Both of the above
One of the major flaws in the Electoral College system is that:
A. Popular vote is not guaranteed presidency
A president may need to produce evidence of his ability to preform the powers and duties of his office in the event that
war breaks in his term of office
The nation "played with fate" for nearly 180 years because
no constitution that defined presidential disabilities
If a Republican presidential candidate from the South is considered unsupportive of womens's' rights he might "balance the ticket" by choosing ____________ as a running mate
a woman
In order to become President a candidate must win how many electoral votes?
In politics the "Big 10" are
states with the most electoral votes
Television first played a major role in the Presidential election of
There are _____ informal presidential qualifications:
In order to be qualified to be President a person must be at least ____ years old
This was the youngest person to become President
John F. Kennedy
This was the oldest person to become President
Ronald Reagan
Gerald Ford become president of the U.S because of the provisions of the ______ amendment
President George H.W> Bush was the first "sitting" Vice President to be elected President since
Martin Van Buren
President Thomas Jefferson's' home is called
The election of 1968 was very unusual because
All of the above
Theodore Roosevelt at one time was
All of the above
John F. Kennedy's administration become known as
New Frontier
John F. Kennedy was assassinated in this city
The first major set-back in the Kennedy administration was caused by the
Bay of Pigs
The first speech a President makes is called
Inaugural address
Which President was forced to resign?
This man was the first president to be impeached
Andrew Johnson
This man was the first president to be impeached
Andrew Johnson
This President made golf a favorite pastime by his passion for the game
This amendment limits the amount of time any person may serve as President
Most Presidential powers come from
customs and traditions
Most of the executive branch employees are
How are Vice Presidential Candidates chosen?
By Presidential candidate
The basic job of the President is to:
B. carry out laws passes by Congress
The people vote for the president on
the first Tuesday in November
The cruse put of President William Henry Harrison is called:
C. Curse of Prophet
This man ran a successful third party campaign in 1968
George Wallace
The state of Florida has ____ number of electoral votes?
The military authority in the United States is under whose control
If the office of Vice President becomes vacant
President appoints new vice Vice President with congressional approval
Between the Presidential election and the inauguration. The winner is known as
President elect
The president may grant:
D. all of the above
Each President is limited to 9 years and 364 days as President by the
22nd amendment
Which of the following is a formal duty assigned to the Vice President
preside over the senate
How many electoral votes does a candidate need to win the election:
D. the majority
How many times has a Presidential election been decided by the House of Representatives:
C. three times
The number of electors chosen from any state will be:
C. three
Television first played a major role in this presidential campaign
The military authority of the United States is under who's authority?
Commander in chief