Driver's Permit test questions and answers

1a. In your vehicle, what should you adjust before you start your engine?
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2f. Both your judgment and vision are affected after driving alcohol. Which is affected first?2f. Judgement is affected 1st!3a. What can happen to you if you are in a crash and not wearing seat belt?3a. You could be killed,or ejected, thrown against people or things.3b. What age are children required to be in a car seat? In a car seat or booster seat?3b. Children under 4 must be in safely seat, children 4-5 years must be in safety or Booster seat.3c. If a law enforcement officer stops a vehicle and a front seat passenger (under 18 year old ) is not wearing safety belt, who will be charged with the seat belt violation ?3c. Driver will be charged.4a. What does a single broken white line on the the highway mean ?4a. You may cross this line to change lanes when it is safe to do so.4b. What does a double solid yellow line on the center of the highway mean? A double solid white line?4b. You cannot cross these lines (unless turning left) Double solid white line means crossing is not allowed.4c.What does a solid yellow line to the right of the center line of the highway mean ?4c. Passing or crossing not allowed on this side.4d. What do the colors of traffic signs indicate (red, orange, yellow, etc;)?4d. Signs: Red-stop, orange-construction, yellow -warning, Fluorescent yellow green- School warning, Black-regulatory (Rives), green -Guide/ directional, Blue =-guidance or disabled drivers, Brown- public recreation, cultural, historical.4e. When more than one vehicle approaches a four-way stop sign, which one moves first ?4e. The first vehicle or if both at same time then left yields to driver or right. (; Right goes first )4f. What does a red traffic mean ? What does a flashing red traffic light mean?4f. Come to complete stop. Flashing red means must stop too.4g. After a full stop at a red traffic light when may a driver turn right ?4g. After stopping, you may turn right If there is no sign that says- "No turn on red."4h. What does a green arrow showing at the same time as a red traffic light mean you can do ?4h. You may turn in the direction of the arrow.4i. What does a flashing yellow light mean?4i Proceed with caution.4j. If you are approaching a railroad crossing that does not have gates or lights and you see a train coming, what should you do?4j. Be prepared to stop.5a. What happens to the force of impact when you double your speed? Triple your speed?5a. Double the speed, you increase force of impact 4 times, Triple the speed,you increase it 9 times!5b. Unless otherwise posted, what is the speed limit for cars in a residential area?5b. Usually 30 mph.5c. What is the maximum speed limit on an interstate highway?5c. 70 mph.5d. Can you be issued a ticket for driving too slowly?5d. Yes.5e. What are the steps for making a smooth stop?5e. Check mirrors and blind spots. Release accelerator press brake and use steady pressure.5f. What is the arm signal for a right turn ? Left turn ? Slow or stop ?5f. Left arm up, arm straight out, Left arm down5g. How long ( distance ) should you signal before making a left or right turn ?5g. 100 ft.5h. When can you use a three- point turn? Where should you never make a three- point turn ?5h. If the road is too narrow or for a u- turn and you can't go around the block. Never make a 3-point turn on a curve, hill, highway, or where there is a sign that prohibits ( not allowed ) U - turn.5i. What is an open intersection? When must you yield right-of-way?5i. Does not have traffic control signs or signals. You must yield If other vehicle is already in intersection, If you enter or cross state highway from 2nd rd, enter paved road from unpaved road, or plan to make left turn and another vehicle is coming from opposite direction.5j. When may you drive in the left lane of a road with two lanes ? With four lanes?5j. When you are passing another vehicle. also in 4-lane only when passing.5k. What does it mean if you see red reflectors on the lane lines facing you ? What should you do ?5k. You are facing in the wrong side of the road. pull over immediately and turn around.5L. What is the recommended safe following distance?5L. 4 seconds in normal weather.5m. When should you increase your following distance ?5m. Increase following distance if Bad weather or traffic conditions.5n. What are blind spots?5n. Blind spots are areas near the left and right near corners of your vehicle that you can't see in your mirrors.5o. How do you check your blind spots when you are preparing to change lanes or turn?5o. Check Blind spots when changing lanes by turning your head to see.5p.Where is it unlawful to overtake and pass?5p. When there is a solid line (s), or " Do not pass " sign, on hills, curves, 100 feet before bridge, tunnel, railroad, or intersection.5q. Under what circumstances can you stop in the acceleration lanes on an expressway?5q. Only if traffic is too heavy and there is no space for you.5r. What should you do if you drive past your exit on an interstate highway?5r. You must go to the next one.5s.Where should you move your vehicle if you break down while driving on the highway?5s. Move it completely off the pavement ( limit is 6 hours )5t. What is the farthest away you can park from a curb?5t.One foot from curb.5u. If you have a manual transmission, what gear should you put the car in when parking downhill? What if you have an automatic transmission ?5u. Manual transmission when parking down hill put in '"Reverse" uphill put in ' First' gear. with automatic put in " park ''5v. Where is parking prohibited?5v. On crosswalks, sidewalk, Bicycle lanes, Intersections, Bridges, over passes, tunnels, in Front of driveways, by yellow curbs R.R. crosses 15 feet of fire hydrant.5w. Which way should you turn your wheels when parking uphills along a curb? Which way should you turn them where there is not a curb? Which way should you turn them if parking downhill?5w. Turn wheels from curb, turn wheel to right. turn wheels to curb.6a. Are motorists required to stop or yield for pedestrians crossing the street?6a. Yes, motorists are required to stop/ yield for pedestrians.6b. What must you do when you see a pedestrian with a white cane in the street ahead of you ?6b. Come to a complete stop, yield the right -of-way, and use extra caution when approaching.6c. What is the minimum distance a motorist must give when traveling next to a cyclist?6c. Minimum of three feet.6d. As a motorist, what should you do when preparing to turn right on a roadway with a bike lane?6d. Yield to any bicyclist in the bike lane and make your turn behind the cyclist.6e. When on the roadway, do bicyclists and moped riders have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers?6e. Yes6f. If you are driving a motor vehicle, are you allowed to share a lane with a motorcyclist?6f. No, never!6g. When a school bus is stopped to unload children, are vehicles traveling in the same direction required to stop?6g. No6h. When a school bus stops to unload children, are vehicles traveling in the same direction required to stop?6h. Yes, they must stop.6l. What must you do when children or school crossing guards are present in a crosswalk?6I. You must yield and stop at the stop line and not in the crosswalk.6j. What must you do if an emergency vehicle with activated light and /or sirens is approaching you from behind?6j. Pull over to the closest edge of the roadway immediately and stop until the emergency vehicle has passed,Do not block intersections.6k. What does the" Move Over law" require you to do?6k. If an emergency vehicle or police car is on the side of the road You must move over a lane or if you can't you must slow down to 20 mph below posted speed limit.6L. What is a " No Zone "?6L. Commercial vehicles ( Big trucks ) have blind spots in front, behind, and on both sides, They cannot see you.7a. At what times must you use your headlights?7a. Between the hours of sunset and sunrise.7b. At night, within how many feet of approaching a vehicle from the rear must you dim your bright headlights?7b. 300 feet7c. Within how many feet of an oncoming vehicle should you dim your bright headlights?7c. 500 feet7d. When driving in the rain, fog, or smoke in the daytime, what lights should you see?7d. Headlights should be low beam.7e. What should you do when driving on wet roads in the rain? Why?7e. Slow down and increase following distance because brakes become wet and may pull to one side or not hold at all. or you may hydroplane ( car slides on thin layer of water )8a. What should you do if your right wheels go off the pavement while driving?8a. Take your foot off gas pedal, hold wheel firmly and steer in straight line, Brake lightly, when road 15 clear turn back onto road at a slow speed.8b. What should you do if your tires begin to skid while driving ?8b. Take your foot off gas pedal, do not use brakes, steer in direction of skid.8c. When emergency braking, what is the difference between conventional brakes and anti-lock brakes (ABS)?8c. With conventional brakes, you must pump the brakes, With ABS you, must press down hard on brake pedal.8d. What should you do during a tire blow -out?8d. Take your foot off the gas. Do not use brakes, concentrate on steering, slow down, then brake softly, pull completly off road.8e. What must you do if you are involved in a minor accident and your vehicle is blocking the flow of traffic??8e. You must move it or have it moved.8f. If you hit a parked car and are unable to find the owner, what should you do ?8f. leave a note including your name, contact info , and license plate number.8g. What are the penalties for leaving the scene of an accident involving injury or death?8g. Death= 1st degree felony, minimum 4 years prison term. Serious body injury= 2nd degree felony, injury= 3 degree felony.All of above=lose license for 3 years.9a. What are the requirements of the No- Fault law?9a.You must show proof of personal injury protection (PIP), and Property Damage Liability (PDL)9b.If your license and registration are suspended for being in violation of the No-Fault law, what must you do to get them reinstated?9b. You must get insurance and pay a reinstatement fee ( $150-$500)9c. What are the penalties if you are at fault in a crash and you are not insured in compliance with the Financial Responsibility Law?9c.DHSMV can require you to pay for the damages before your driving privilege is reinstated.9d. What are the time restrictions for a driver with a learner's license ?9d.If you are a minor ( under 18 ) and have only had your permit under 3 months you can only drive driving daylight hours. After 3 months you can drive until 10pm. They must be with a license driver 21 year old.9e. What are the time restrictions for a licensed driver under 17 ? Under age 18?9e. A 16 year old license driver may NOT drive between 11:00 pm -6;00 am unless they are with license drive 21 year old. A 17 year old license driver May NOT drive alone from 1:00 am - 5:00am unless with 21 year old.9f. When can you be charged with driving under the influence (DUI)?9f. If you are found to be driving under the influence of Alcohol or a controlled substance (Drugs).9g. What are the penalties for refusing to take a blood test, a urine test, or a breath test when suspected of driving under the influence?9g. Since you signed a consent form when you got your driver's license, Your license will be automatically suspended for one year.9h. What can happen if you are found guilty of racing on the highway?9h. If you are found guilty of racing on the highway your license will be REVOKED ( take away your license )10a. If you have a learner's license, how many hours of driving experience are required to earn the Class E license?10b. 50 hrs ( including 10 at night )10b. What education course are you required to take if you are applying for a learner's license ( or have never held a driver's license)?10b. The traffic law and substance abuse Education course.10c. Are you required to notify DHSMV of any health problems that may affect your driving ?10c. Yes, you must make a list of any physical or mental issues that might affect your driving on your license application.11. Why would one opt to take a Basic Drive improvement Course?11. If you have a crash and it was your fault and someone went to the hospital, you had 2 crashes in a 2-year period and had property damage $500, you were convicted of running a red light, or passing a school bus, racing on Hwy or reckless driving Or to receive insurance discounts.12. What maneuvers are required on a driving exam?12. Three-point turn, approach of crossing, observe right of way straight in parking, parking on grade, stop quickly, backing, obey stop sign, obey traffic signals, signal and turn,, passing, stay inn proper lane, Follow at safe distance, use proper posture.