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CAOT 186 Chapter 14, Part 1 Theory

The Musculoskeletal System subsection is formatted according to what type of sites?
Which physician subspecialty can report the codes from the Musculoskeletal System subsection?
any physician
List the three types of fracture treatments and briefly describe each:
1.Closed: the fracture site is not opened to view. 2.Open: the fracture site is opened to the surgeon's view or remotely opened.
3.Percutaneous skeletal fixation: neither open nor closed but where pins, screws, or other fixation is placed into the fracture through the skin.
It is the ______of the fracture that determines the method of treatment.
extent or type
__________is the application of pulling force to hold a bone in place.
What is the term that describes the physician's actions of bending, rotation, pulling, or guiding the bone back into place?
What term is used to mean "put the bone back in place"?
What term describes a bone that is not in its normal location?
dislocation or dislocated
What term describes the cleaning of a wound?
This is a hollow needle that is often used to withdraw samles of fluid from a joint:
Would a biopsy code usually include the administration of any necessary local anesthesia?