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Review packet questions
Where is Kim from?
What does Kim plant?
lima beans
Describe Kim's family
dad died before she was born (have altar in home for him); lived with mom and older sister
What is Kim's difficulty?
wants a father
What does Kim start?
the garden
How does the garden help Kim?
she connected with her Dad; feeling of calm
What is Ana's background?
How old is Ana?
born in 1915
What does Ana think Kim is doing?
planting drugs or a gun underground
How does Ana act on her suspicions?
runs downstairs digs up where Kim had planted to find lima beans
What does Ana purchase?
binoculars (watches Kim)
Who helps Ana?
Who does Wendell help?
Ana (keeps eye on her)
What is Wendell's occupation?
janitor at school
What is Wendell's problem?
hates job, grieving (son and wife died), doesn't like being bossed around
What does Wendell do with Kim's beans?
helps water them
How does Wendell contribute to the garden?
helps start the garden; focuses on good things; starts to clean up the garden
What does Leona want to plant?
golden rod
Who does Leona plant in memory of? describe that person
her grandma; she died, out lived all her doctors
What is Leona's contribution to the garden?
gets city hall to get rid of garbage in the garden
Who does Leona relate to?
Where is Gonzalo from?
How old is Gonzalo?
young boy; 8th grade
Who does Gonzalo watch?
Tio Juan
What is Gonzalo's observation about immigrants?
The older you are the younger you get when you move to the US
What is Sam's background?
White Jew
How does Sam spend is retirement?
welcomes everyone; smile at people that feel like they don't belong; tries to mix ethnicities
What does Same do before retirement?
pacifist; government; activist; humanitarian (hippie)
WHere is Virgil from?
What does Virgil's father do?
taxi driver
What is Virgil's father's business idea?
to grow baby lettuce and sell it to rich restaurants for a lot of money
What does Virgil witness his father doing?
lying to Mrs. Fleck about the land he is growing things on belong to relatives
How does his father lying make Virgil feel?
angry (parents are supposed to be perfect) sad
What does Virgil want to purchase?
18 speed bicycle
Where is Sae Young from?
What happened to Sae Young's husband? Children?
husband died (heart attack, 37 years old) didn't get a chance to have kids
WHat kind of business does Sae Young run?
Explain how a bad event affected Sae Young
guy came to her laundry place and kicked her in the head and took her money; made her too scared to leave her apartment (solitary)
What does Sae Young plant in the garden?
hot peppers
How does the garden help Sae Young?
gain confidence; contact with Sam; talk with others
Who does Curtis love? Explain history
Lateesha; she is his ex; dated 5 years ago
What does Curtis plant? WHy?
tomatoes; they are Lateesha's favorite (she grew them with Aunt in Michigan
What is Curtis's ethnicity?
What kind of prejudice does CUrtis experience?
made fun of for farming (called a sharecropper)
Explain how the discipline of working in the garden helps Curtis display his strength as a man
He stops trying to show off & realizes he truly only loves Lateesha; shows sensitivity, brains; doesn't get violent; communicating
What is Nora's job?
Where is Nora from?
Britain (England)
Why does Nora stop at the garden?
Her patient puts his arm up and makes her stop (MR. Myles)
Explain Nora's philosophy on nature's healing ability
In England they believe air does you good
What does Nora experience in the rain?
she goes with everyone to shelter; conversation occurs; people get concerned if other members of the garden aren't there (shows love in community)
What is Maricela's ethnicity?
Describe Maricela's attitude
careless; against being a pregnant teen; upset; pessimistic
What are Maricela's personal challenges?
being prenant
What is Maricela at the garden?
her leader (of pregnant teen support group)made her plant to learn how to take care of something
What does Maricela plant?
squash, Radishes, and Swiss Chard
What does Maricela hear from the other gardeners?
How great it is to be a mother
WHo understands Maricela? What kind of advice does Maricela receive?
Leona; gives her Golden rod to make into tea and lets her know its always hard to have a kid and that it is an honor not a disgrace
What is it about nature that changes Maricela's perspective?
she realizes she is carrying life and that it's very important; learns to love her baby
Where is Amir from?
What is lacking hi Amir's life in America?
What does Amir witness in the garden?
people from around the world can be friends
HOw does the garden fulfill Amir's needs?
Makes friends
What conflict is Amir able to resolve in the garden?
becomes friends with a woman he previously had an argument with in his store
What does Florence describe?
How the garden evolves through out the whole time it had began & foretells future
WHo does Florence notice watching the garden?
the man in the rocker in the apartment
What is significant about the title of Seedfolks?
all the people are of different ethnicities but the garden brings them all together; means the originals (the people who began)
What does Florence's grandmother's sampler say?
Be not solitary, be not idle
Who does Florence see at the start of spring beginning to plant?
Tio Juan
Gonzalo's uncle; doesn't speak English; loves to garden; from Guatemala; oldest man in his pueblo
MIss Fleck
Virgil and Maricela's teacher (3rd grade); authoritative; treats everyone like her students (the world is her classroom)
loves tomatoes; lives near garden; wanted a family (Curtis didn't); cheated on by Curtis; Older than Curtis; Curtis's ex-girlfriend
teen; kicked out be dad; lives in garden; taken care on by Curtis; watcher of the garden; homeless; black; hired to protect Curtis's tomatoes
Mr. Myles
Nora's patient; suffered from stroke; mute; loves flowers
Maricela's leader for pregnant teens; runs program for pregnant teens