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32 terms

Latin PP Units IX-XI

Claudo, Claudere, Clausi, Clausus
I Close, To Close, I Closed, Going To Close
Iacio, Iacere, Ieci, Iactus
I Throw, To Throw, I Thrown, Having Been Thrown, I Hurl, To Hurl, I Hurled, Having Been Hurled
Conficio, Conficere, Confeci, Confectus
I Complete, To Complete, I Completed, Having Been Completed, I Exhaust, To Exhaust, I Exhausted, Having Been Exhausted, I Do Thoroughly, To Do Thoroughly, I Did Thoroughly, Having Been Done Thoroughly
Tendo, Tendere, Tetendi, Tentus
I Stretch, To Stretch, I Stretched, Having Been Stretched
Pello, Pellere, Pepuli, Pulsus
I Beat, To Beat, I Beat, Having Been Beaten, I Drive, To Drive, I Drove, Having Been Driven, I Defeat, To Defeat, I Defeated, Having Been Defeated
Confirmo, Confrimare, Confirmavi, Confirmatus
I Make Firm, To Make Firm, I Made Firm, Having Been Made Firm, I Encourage, To Encourage, I Encouraged, Having Been Encouraged, I Establish, To Establish, I Established, Having Been Established
Respondeo, Respondere, Rspondi, Responsus
I Answer, To Answer, I Answered, Going To Answer, I Reply, To Reply, I Replied, Going To Reply
Supero, Superare, Superavi, Superatus
I Overcome, To Overcome, I Overcame, Having Been Overcome, I Excel, To Excel, I Excelled, Having Been Excelled, I Surpass, To Surpass, I Surpassed, Having Been Surpassed
Curro, Currere, Cucurri, Cursurus
I Run, To Run, I Ran, Going To Run
Expello, Expellere, Expuli, Expulsus
I Drive Out, To Drive Out, I Drove Out, Going To Drive Out
Timeo, Timere, Timui
I Fear, To Fear, I Feared, I Am Afraid, To Be Afraid, I Was Afraid
Remitto, Remittere, Remisi, Remisus
I Relax, To Relax, I Relaxed, Going To Relax, I Send Back, To Send Back, I Sent Back, Going To Send Back
Spero, Sperare, Speravi, Speratus
I Hope For, To Hope For, I Hoped For, Having Been Hoped For, I Hope That, To Hope That, I Hoped That, Having Been Hoped That
Spiro, Spirare, Spiravi, Spiratus
I Breathe, To Breathe, I Breathed, Having Been Breathed
Expugno, Expugnare, Expugnavi, Expugnatus
I Capture By Assault, To Capture By Assault, I Captured By Assault, Having Been Captured By Assault
Intercipio, Intercipere, Intercepi, Intercepatus
I Intercept, To Intercept, I Intercepted, Having Been Intercepted, I Cut Off, To Cut Off, I Cut Off, Having Been Cut Off, I Catch, To Catch, I Caught, Having Been Caught
Tango, Tangere, Tetigi, Tactus
I Touch, To Touch, I Touched, Having Been Touched
Colo, Colere, Colui, Cultus
I Till, To Till, I Tilled, Having Been Tilled, I Cultivate, To Cultivate, I Cultivated, Having Been Cultivated, I Worship, To Worship, I Worshipped, Having Been Worshipped, I Inhabit, To Inhabit, I Inhabitted, Having Been Inhabitted
Frango, Frangere, Fregi, Fractus
I Break, To Break, I Broke, Having Been Broken
Sedeo, Sedere, Sedi, Sessurus
I Sit, To Sit, I Sat, Going To Sit
Contendo, Contendere, Contendi, Contenturus
I Struggle, To Struggle, I Struggled, Going To Struggle, I Hasten, To Hasten, I Hastened, Going To Hasten
Opprimo, Opprimere, Oppressi, Oppressus
I Overcome, To Overcome, I Overcame, Going To Overcome, I Surprise, To Surprise, I Surprised, Going To Surprise
Consisto, Consistere, Constiti, Constiturus
I Stand Still, To Stand Still, I Stood Still, Gonna Stand Still, I Stop, To Stop, I Stoped, Gonna Stop
Ostendo, Ostendere, Ostendi, Ostentus
I Show, To Show, I Showed, Having Been Showed, I Stretch Out Before, To Stretch Out Before, I Stretched Out Before, Having Been Stretched Out Before, I Present, To Present, I Presented, Having Been Presented
Prohibeo, Prohibere, Prohibui, Prohibitus
I Prevent,To Prevent, I Prevented, Having Been Prevented, I Keep From, To Keep From, I Kept, From, Having Been Kept From
Puto, Putare, Putavi, Putatus
I Think, To Think, I Thought, Having Been Thought, I Suppose, To Suppose, I Supposed, Having Been Supposed
Scio, Scire, Scivi, Scitus
I Know, To Know, I Knew, Having Been Known
Solvo, Solvere, Solvi, Solutus
I Loosen, To Loosen, I Loosened, Having Been Loosened, I Pay, To Pay, I Paid, Having Been Paid
Haereo, Haerere, Haesi, Haesus
I Stick, To Stick, I Stuck, Gonna Stick, I Cling, To Cling, I Clung, Gonna Cling
Insto, Instere, Institi, -
I Threaten, To Threaten, I Threatened
Pervenio, Pervenire, Perveni, Perventurus
I Arrive, To Arrive, I Arrived, Gonna Arrive
Sentio, Sentire, Sensi, Sensus
I Feel, To Feel, I Felt, Gonna Feel, I Realize, To Realize, I Realized, Gonna Realize