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CE.8 Local Government

units of local government are political subdivisions created by
- the General Assembly
units of local government in Virginia
- counties
- towns
- cities
Counties have:
- board of supervisors
- county manager
- school board
in counties, legislative power to enact ordinaces and enacting an annual budget belongs to -
Board of Supervisors
local laws
in counties, towns & cities managers may be hired to -
oversee the operations of local government
The Board of Supervisors has the power to -
hire managers
School Boards -
oversee the operations of K-12 public schools in the county
county & city School Boards may be -
elected or appointed
Towns & cities may have -
- councils
- mayors
- managers
elected town/city councils have legislative power to -
enact city/town ordinances & adopt an annual budget
may be elected by voters or town/city council members
the elected town/city council may hire -
a manager
towns are located -
within counties
town citizens can recieve & pay for services -
- from both the town and county
Voters in every locality must elect -
- a sheriff
- a clerk of the circuit court
- a commissioner of revenue
- a treasurer
Local government enforces
- state and local law
Local government promotes
- public health
Local government protects
- public safety and the environment
Local government educates -
Local government regulates -
land use
Local government levies and collects -
in every county & city state courts -
resolve judicial disputes
Authority of local government is derived from -
the state
All powers of local governments in Virginia are given to them by -
the Constitution of Virginia & acts of the General Assembly
where city powers are listed
Counties & cities assist in -
the implementation of state laws and programs
Local government funding derives from -
its ability to raise revenue in addition to money that the state provides
Individuals have the greatest influence on decisions made by -
local government officials
how individuals can influence local government officials
by communicating with them about their opinions & preferences