Organizational Hierarchy

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Which of these is an organism?
a herd of sheep
a wolf
a drop of water
a heart
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The United States Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a large portion of Alaska that is protected from construction, which would affect the land and resources that are available to living things. Which term is used to describe all the species that live in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?
A coral reef, shown below, is an underwater structure that is home to many sea animals that use the water as a resource. Some animals are called stony corals because they have hard bodies that resemble rocks. Stony corals provide protection to other animals that live on the reef.
Which is the largest organizational level found in one coral reef?
A single population is made of multiple organisms of the same species. multiple organisms of different species. multiple communities. multiple biomes.multiple organisms of the same speciesThe Caribbean monk seal was declared extinct in 2008. Although there are other types of seals on Earth, Caribbean monk seals could only breed with other Caribbean monk seals. The last Caribbean monk seal that died was the last member of a species. a community. a biome. an ecosystem.a species.Earth's biosphere is described as every biome that has living things. every community that is above water. every biome that has living plants. every community that has sunlight.every biome that has living things.Which describes a group of organisms that are members of a species? They can breed and produce offspring that can breed. They are members of the same community. They live in the same ecosystem, community, and biome. They have similar physical characteristics.They can breed and produce offspring that can breed.