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charger de chaque tâche ... is spelled wrong in the reprise!


to move in

aussitôt que

as soon as (start a)

un coup de main

a helping hand

dès que

as soon as (start d)

le gobelet

the paper cup

les attractions (f)

the entertainment (g)

un accord

an agreement

marcher comme sur des roulettes

to come off beautifully

se diriger vers

to head toward

la grande fête de fin d'année

the big end-of-the-year party

le futur antérieur

the future perfect

mettre les couverts

to set the table

se charger de chaque tâche essentielle

to be in charge of each essential task

les hors-d'oeuvre (m)

the little appetizers (spell it!) (g)

la cantine

the cafeteria

se tromper

to be mistaken


to be necessary

Qui aura fait quoi?

Who will have done what?


to disappoint

la proposition principale

the main clause

la carte

the map (regional)

se perdre

to get lost


to inform

la solution

the answer (problem)

en autocar

by motorcar


to reward


to punish


to scold


to praise

sécher un cours

to cut class


to act

comme il faut


se conduire

to behave

donner un prix

to give a prize




to write (compose)

la composition

the writing composition



ranger ses affaires

to put away his belongings

la matière

the subject matter

être déçu

to be disappointed

la proposition relative

the relative clause

la maman

the mama

la pâtisserie

the pastry

la revue

the magazine (periodical)

le participe passé

the past participle

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