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CE.9 Public Policy

Media's role in setting the public agenda
- focus attention on selected issues
- offer a forum for opposing viewpoints
- hold government officials accountable
government officials use the media -
to communicate with the public
seeking to influence legislators to introduce or to vote for or against a bill
ways individuals influence public policy
- participate in politics
- express opinions
- join interest groups
ways individuals participate in politics
- vote
- campaign
- seek office
ways individuals express opinions
- lobby
- demonstrate
- write letters
ways interest groups influence public policy
- identify issues
- make political contributions
- lobby government officials
Local governments may be required to act in response to -
international issues and events
In response to international issues local government may need to -
formulate, adopt and implement public policies
Examples of local policy decisions in reaction to international events may be -
- public health concerns
- public safety
- economic development policies
- policies to protect the environment
A pandemic would cause -
public health concerns
An act of terrorism would impact -
public safety
The emerging global economy requires -
economic development policies
Wildlife protection is an example of -
policies to protect the environment

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