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Lewis and Clark
Sent on an expedition by Jefferson to gather information on the United States' new land and map a route to the Pacific. They kept very careful maps and records of this new land acquired from the Louisiana Purchase.
War of 1812
1812-1814. Fought between U.S. and England primarily over trade restrictions by England on the U.S with France.
Treaty of Ghent
1814, treaty that ended the war of 1812
A belief that national interests as a whole should be more important than what one region wants
Monroe Doctrine
(1823) A political policy of the United States by President James Monroe that states the Western Hemisphere is closed to European interference.
Henry Clay
..., Senator who persuaded Congress to accept the Missouri Compromise, which admitted Maine into the Union as a free state, and Missouri as a slave state
The American System
An economic program promoted by Henry Clay; it included a strong banking system that could provide easy credit, protective tariff to allow eastern manufacturing to grow, and a network of federally financed canals and highways to knit the country together economically and politically.
Eli Whitney
An American inventor who developed the cotton gin. Also contributed to the concept of interchangeable parts that were exactly alike and easily assembled or exchanged.
Abstinence from alcohol
A person who works to end slavery
The corrupt Bargin
Henry Clay used his political influence to sway the electoral college in favor of John Adams- who supported his American Plan- instead of Andrew Jackson
A formal decision to reject the bill passed by Congress.
Spoils System
Andrew Jackson's practice of rewarding his political supporters with government jobs.