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Latin Stage 4 Culture

What 3 things did the forum in Pompeii focus on?
Business, administration, religion
what surrounded the forum on 3 sides?
a colonnade
what were the dimensions of the forum?
156 yards by 42 yards
Why would a statue of a citizen be in the forum?
the had given distinguished service to the town
what other statues stood in the forum?
ones for the emperor and their families
what were the large stone blocks at the entrance to the forum for?
it was a barrier for wheeled traffic
what kind of protection did the colonnade provide?
Protection from heat and rain
How did people enter?
through a large bronze gate
How was important info distributed?
advertisements were put on notice boards in the forum
what pair of officials were responsible for law and order?
the aedile
what kinds of buildings were in the forum?
the most important public buildings
Where were speeches and announcements made?
the steps of the Temple of Jupiter or the tribunal
what were the 2 major functions of the basilica?
to hold lawsuits, meeting place for business men
What was the name of the two officials who presided over the court?
What 3 Roman deities had temples in the forum of Pompeii?
Jupiter, Apollo, Venus
What Egyptian goddess had a temple in the forum of Pompeii?
What was Apollo the god of?
medicine, music and prophecy
Why was the meeting hall of cloth merchants so large?
cloth was a large industry
Why was Venus important to the people of Pompeii?
they believed she took special interest in their town.
Why did the people of Pompeii and the Romans believe in so many gods and goddesses?
they thought it was reasonable to think that different gods dealt with different aspects of life
what was sold in the large covered market in the NE corner of the forum?
meat, fish and vegetables
the 3 municipal offices were use for what?
treasury, record office, town council meeting hall