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isolated or exposed

when the dam is placed, only the selected teeth are visible through the dam

latex or latex free

the dental dam is either ____ or ____

reasons for using the dental dam

serves as an important infection control barrier, guards the patient's mouth form debris, dental materials, or other liquids during treatment, protects patient from accidentally aspirtating or swallowing debris, protects tooth from contamination from saliva or or debris, improves access by retracting the lips, tongue, and gingiva

size of dental dam

two sizes 6 by 6 inch and 5 by 5 inch

color of dental dam

wide range of colors from light to dark, including green, blue, pastels, also scented and flavored

thickness of dental dam

the thickness or gauges are usually thin (light), medium, and heavy


___ thickness is most frequnetly used


____ thickness is widely used in operative procedures


___ thickness is selected when tissue retraction and extra resistance to tearing is important

dental dam frame

a frame or holder is necessary to stabilize and stretch the dam so that it fits tightly around the teeth and is out of the operator's way

plastic and metal

frames are available in ____ and ____

plastic U shaped frame

what frame is placed under the dam, it is radiolucent

young's frame

stainless steel U shaped holder with sharp projections on it's outer margin's, placed on the outside of the dam and is stretched over the projection of the frame, the patient feels comfortable by holding it away from the patient's face

ostby frame

round plastic frame, has sharp projections on it's outer margin, placed outside the dam and the dam is stretched over the projection

dental dam napkin

it's disposable, can be placed between the patient's face and the dam


when the dam is placed, two types of _______ are used

1st lubricant

placed on the patient's lips to ensure patient comfort

2nd lubricant

is water soluble and is placed on the underside of the dam to help the dam material slide over the teeth and through the interproximal spaces

dental dam punch

makes a hole as it strikes an opening in the punch plate

dental dam stamp

the ____ ____ _____ and inkpad are used to mark the dental dam with predetermined markings for the average adult and pediatric arches

dental dam template

which has holes where the teeth should be marked, provides more flexibility when one or more teeth in the arch are out of alignment

dental dam forceps

the beaks of the forceps fit into holes on the jaws of the clamp, a sliding bar keeps the handles of the forceps in a fixed position while the clamp is being held and positioned on the tooth, the handles are squeezed to release the clamp, the beaks of the forceps are turned toward the arch being treated

dental dam clamps

the ___ ___ ____ are the primary means of anchoring and stabilizing the dental dam


rounded portion of the clamp


the ___ encircle the tooth and are shaped into four prongs, all four prongs must be firmly seated on the tooth to create the facial to lingual balance necessary to stabilize the clamp

winged clamp

desingned with extra extensions to help retain the dental dam

fitting the dental dam clamp

the jaws of the clamps are designed to fit on the cervical area of the tooth below the height of contour and at or slighly below the CEJ

posterior dental dam clamps

for the maxillary and mandibular posterior teeth

anterior dental dam clamps

used to retract the gingiva on the facial surface, improves visiblitiy for the restoration of the cervical class 5 cavities, permits isolation of an anterior tooth during endodontic treatment


dental floss should always be attached to the bow , it is an important safety step that must always be done, the ligature makes it easy to retrieve a clamp if it should accidentally fall off the tooth

poked through holes

teeth are isolated when ___ ____ ____

one step method

the dam and clamp are placed at the same time

two step method

first the clamp is placed and then the dental dam material is stretched over it

root canals

plastic frames and butterfly clamps are used for ___ ____


the bow always goes towards the ___ on the occlusal surface


displaced out of line, especially teeth displaced from normal relation to the line of the dental arch


6 by 6 inch is used for ________ teeth


5 by 5 is used for ______ teeth


cutting tip


same clamp can be placed on the same type of tooth in the opposite quadrant

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