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What are the two parts of a virus?

Nucleic acid core surrounded by protein coat (capsid); contains DNA and RNA

Why is a virus not considered a living organism?

Lack of nucleus and membrane- bound oragnisms, requires no nutrients and is completely dependent on another organisms for survival. They can only reproduce with the help of a cell

What is a bacteriophage?

Looks like a robot; viruses that only infect bacteria cells. Protein coat on outside and genetic info on inside

What is tobbacco mosaic virus

Virus that affected tobbacco plants in the 30s and the first virus we ever identified. Wendell Stanley

Why is HIV considered a retrovirus.

becuase HIV contains RNA as its nucleic acid

What is vaccinne? how does it work?

Substances that contain parts of anitgens from an infectious organism. By stimulating an immune response, they protect the body against subsequent infection of that organism, its like a killed version of the virus

when did bacteria appear on earth?

3.5 billion years ago

What are 3 shpaes of bacteria?

Bacilli- rod shaped, Coccus- round, Spirochetes- spiral

What are some differences between Archae and other bacteria?

Archeae lives in more extereme enviornments where there is not a lot of oxygen

Archeae live in extreme conditions. give examples

Thermopheils- very hot condidtions, halophiles- very salty, Methagens- not oxygen

difference between gram postiive and gram negative?

Gram positie holds the purple howver the negatative's purple cmes right off

What is a microbe that causes disease?


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