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Sternal (Medial) End

Rounded end that articulates with the sternum to form the S-C joint

Acromial (Lateral) End

Flat surface that articulates with the acromion process of the scapula to form the A-C joint


(Commonly known as the shoulder blade)
Large, flat, triangular bone
Lies on the posterior lateral aspect of the thorax and extends from the 2nd to the 7th rib

What does the term coracoid mean?

Like a crow's beak.

Acromion Process

Flattened lateral aspect that articulates with the lateral end of the clavicle to form the A-C joint

Coracoid Process

"Beaklike" process that arises below and anterior to the Acromion process
Serves for muscle and ligament attachment
Can be palpated

Glenoid fossa

Depression on the lateral surface
Articulation for the humeral head to form the shoulder or glenohumeral joint

Subscapular fossa

Depression on the lateral surface
Articulation for the humeral head to form the shoulder or glenohumeral joint

Scapular spine

Long ridge-like raised area on the posterior superior aspect
Terminates laterally in the flattened structure known as the Acromion process

Supraspinous fossa

Located just superior to the scapular spine

Infraspinous fossa

Located just inferior to the scapular spine

Axillary border

Lateral border

Vertebral border

Border nearest the spine

Superior border

Top of the scapula

Inferior angle

Formed by the junction of the axillary and vertebral borders

Lateral angle

Angle formed by the superior and axillary borders.

Medial angle

Formed by the superior and vertebral borders

What angle formed by the superior and axillary borders of the scapula?

Lateral Angle

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