Beowulf Story Parts 1-4

During an evening of celebration at Herot, the banquet Hall of the Danish king Hrothgar. Outside in the darkness Grendel is lurking
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Devil + evil + darkNight =He is scared that Grendel will come back to murder him and more at night againWhen hearing the news of grendel's murder on the men what is Hrothgars reaction?Grendel is a powerful monster that is feared by the warrior and noble men + Grendel works best at nightKings and warriors fearing Grendel and only surviving thru escape shows how ?King of the DanesHrothgar =Left empty cuz Danes scared of getting attacked again by Grendel + Grendel didn't offer any peace or accept any settlement from the kingWhy was Herot empty and in grief for 12 yrs/winters ?Word got out and was spreadingDuring those 12 yrs of grief in Herot, how did other kingdoms know about grendel's wrath?He never touched throne of Hrothgar since it was protected by God, shows that God is always powerful over evilWhile Grendel lived in Herot at night murdering warriors he never did what?Dark/negative/eerieTone of Grendel's Wrath story =-feels vulnerable cuz no warriors to defend him -feels angry cuz thinks he could have done something to prevent this happening (failure of being king) -wants revengeWhile Grendel is delighted with slaughter and defeating the king, how do you think Hrothgar feels?-Christianity since Grendel can't touch king's throne protected by God -Death since Grendel murders -Darkness since Grendel only appears in dark not lightThemes in the Wrath of Grendel =He tries discussing with council to see how they can defeat Grendel, they pray to stone gods instead for help that's why God doesn't answer their prayersHrothgar in secret tries to do what?Healfdane's sonHrothgar is who's son =-strongest of the Geats -helping the king shows how he defends the weak -he was loved by the geats shows he was adored by community -led his men to the boat to set sail shows he is a leaderHow is Beowulf an epic hero described=As strongest hero and adored by geats he takes his bravest 14 men to sail with him to land of Danes cuz wants to help Hrothgar out of his own loyaltyBeowulf hears news in his kingdom about Grendel's murders. What does he do?-14 men sail with him -only will use hands to fight cuz a battle is in God's hands (Christian spin) -is honorable since Grendel doesn't have any weaponsBeowulf's plan to fight Grendel =He questions them and tells them they need permission to be on king's landing, warns Beowulf aggressively cuz thinks they could be pirates like before, not welcomingWhen arriving in the land of Danes how does the watchman approach Beowulf with his warriors coming in to the shore?Answering him in pride and confidence, tells him he comes from noble birth since dad was warrior for many years, describes his victory battles, and that they were GeatsBeowulf is able to convince the watchman by doing what as an epic hero?Whose soldiers are you? Why have you come all the way to Danes from sea? Tell me ur name and fathers name?What are the three main questions the watchman asks Beowulf?Of their armor suitsWatchman realizes that Beowulf and his warriors must come from another royalty or noble kingdom cuz?His father was a famous warrior named Edgetho so it runs through his legacyHow is Beowulf automatically a leader?Offers peace to King Hrothgar and lets them know that they've heard what grendel has done and want to helpWhat does Beowulf tell the watchman when they arrive?Beowulf speaks like true hero, in return for their hospitality the watchman with his men will guard Beowulf's ship until they defeat grendelWatchman allows Beowulf and warriors to enter kingdom cuz?For the bravest menHerot built by Hrothgar for what purpose?He doesn't trust the watchman 100% since they are foreigners still to each otherBeowulf leaves some of his warrior men to stay outside with their weapons waiting while Beowulf talks to king Hrothgar because ?Introduces himself and tells king that they've heard what grendel has done, its his duty to help the kingWhat does Beowulf tell king Hrothgar when meeting him inside Herot?By telling him his victorious battles with the supernatural from the pastHow does Beowulf prove to the king that he is worthy to fight grendel?To allow Beowulf to defeat grendel restore order to HerotWhat is Beowulf's request to the king out of his loyalty?God's hands. Beowulf relies on fate to determine his deathBeowulf tells the king that he knows can die but the battle in his eyes is in ?To mail Beowulf's armor + inheritance back to his kingdomBeowulf insists the king that if he dies to grendel to do what?He was waiting and eager to fight grendel at nightWhile his men were sleeping in Herot what was grendel doing?He has killed the men there dailyGrendel coming out of the darkness/swamp on his way to Herot and knows the way perfectly cuz ?It is more defended and locked than before (cuz of Beowulf and his men being there)Grendel notices what that is so different about Herot?The men are sleeping right there in plain sight. Piece of cake in grendels eyes to murder and eat them cuz vulnerable while sleepingGrendel walks inside Herot to see what to his surprise?BeowulfAll the men are sleeping but who is pretending and is awake the whole time watching grendels every move?Is pretending to be asleep and then sneak attack/seizes grendel's claws backWhile Grendel finishes eating one of the men, he gets Beowulf who?Grendel even as a villain fears Beowulf's strengthBeowulf such an epic hero that when he grabs grendel's claws =-thought of giving up to Beowulf and running back to swamp -this was a different Herot cuz it never had warrior like Beowulf before -wants to escape at this point cuz can't moveWhile being seized what was going on in grendel's mind?It begins to shake and tremble but can't be destroyed unless fire happens cuz it was built wise + strong by hrothgar's menBeowulf and Grendel battling in Herot causes what to happen to the mead hall?Are in terror of hearing the shrieking pains of Grendel being defeated by BeowulfThe Danes in terror do what during the battle happening?He knows Grendel has no purpose to anyone besides killing othersBeowulf's goal was to kill Grendel since ?Their courage goes to waste since no weapon could hurt grendels skin since it is spelled so no one can kill him with weaponBeowulf's men were ready to fight with swords and protect Beowulf but ?That his end was near and that he was going to actual hell for fighting against God and committing deathly sinsGrendel struggling in the battle against Beowulf thinks ?Grendel lost his power to fight back and was defeated by Beowulf. He was wounded to die back at his marsh hole.What was the outcome of the battle?Beowulf from across the sea finally restored Herot, saved the Danes and hrothgar from any more misery and sorrow, and defeated grendelDanes people are super happy at the outcome of the battle cuz ?He hung grendel's arm, claw, and shoulder on the raftersThe Danes never doubted Beowulf's victory cuz?The Danes celebrate but news gets out that grendel's mom kills hrothgars best friend. King warns Beowulf about the monsters underwater lairWhat happens the night of the victorious battle defeating Grendel?Beowulf scares Grendel so hero scares villainWhat is the irony between the battle of Beowulf with Grendel :How Beowulf is an epic heroGrendel realizing how strong Beowulf is fighting with one hand shows-when he slid silently towards the gold shining Herot hall -he drinks the blood of one of the 14 soldiers -he killed the soldier with his sharp teethGive an example of imagery with grendel-that Beowulf was strong with one hand -wanted to escape go back to lair and not kill anymoreGrendel's thoughts when Beowulf overpowered him holding his claw :-shrieks of pain by Grendel reveal true emotion of battle (weakness)Example of realism:Grendel supernaturalGrendel disabling + blunting the weapons of the soldiers from killing him =-Beowulf fought Grendel with own hands + strength -hero defeats villain -Grendel has spell on skin to protect from weapons (supernatural)Epic Grandness points =Reminds Danes that they are not threatened by Grendel anymoreBeowulf victorious and displaying the removed parts of grendels arm shows =Beowulf is good vs Grendel the evilWhat do Beowulf and Grendel represent?She takes back grendels claw which poses a threat towards the Danes and the king wanting revengeWhile also killing the kings best friend Grendel mom also takes what ?-history/background of the monsters lair -it's dark imageryKing hrothgar after his best friend was killed by Grendel mom tells Beowulf what?They don't talk about Grendel having a fatherOnly Grendel and his mother are the monsters since ?The descendants of CainGrendel and his mom born from whom?-in marsh mud like underground -so deep within a lake that no man can reach its bottom (but Beowulf since epic hero can)Where does grendels mom live?Supports Grendel and his moms qualities + way of livingWhat does the lair/dark imagery support ?That Beowulf before wasn't asked to defeat Grendel since he did it out of his own loyalty without being asked but now the king wants Beowulf to defeat Grendel mom since she is worse and in return he'll reward Beowulf which he didn't do last time when he defeated GrendelKing hrothgar demanding that Beowulf save them from Grendel mom shows what?He travels to her underground lair in the bottom of the lakeBeowulf goes to fight Grendel mom where?