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states of matter

solid, liquid, gas


has mass, takes up space, has definite shape


has mass, takes up space, takes shape of container


has mass, takes up space, no definite shape

property of matter

volume, mass, density, boiling point....


how much space matter takes up-in ml and l-liquids


how much matter is in a definite space


measure of gravity pulling on an object's mass-in g and kg


how much mass in a definite space-more gravity pulling so will be on bottom

boiling point

the temperature when of water evaporation-liquid to gas-add heat-100 degrees Celsius

freezing point

the temperature when water changes from liquid to solid-take away heat-water expands-0 degrees Celsius

melting point

the temperature when a substance changes from a solid to liquid-add heat


the ability of substances to allow heat and electricity to pass through-metals-must be connecting or touching


the ability of substances to block heat and electricity from passing through


attracted to magnets-metals-iron and steel (iron is in steel)-poles are N and S-N to S-attracts (pulls) S to S and N to N -repels (pushes)


the ability to float in water


two or more solids put together-can be separated

dissolve (solubility)

a solid breaks apart in a liquid, cannot see the solid-salt or sugar in water-can be separated by evaporating the water


dissolving a solid into a liquid (water)-combining two liquids


liquid to gas-add heat


gas to liquid-take away heat


liquid to solid-take away heat


solid to liquid-add heat

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