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_____ is a bundle of axons in the peripheral nervous system (PNS)
_______ ______ are nerves that extend from the brain
cranial nerves
how many pairs of cranial nerves are there?
what are the 3 classifications of cranial nerves?
sensory nerves, motor nerves, mixed nerves
these nerves contain only axons of sensory neurons
sensory nerves
these nerves contain only axons of motor neurons
motor nerves
these nerves contain axons of both sensory & motor neurons
mixed nerves
(I); sensations of smell from the nose; sensory nerve
(II); visual sensations from the eye; sensory nerve
(III); controls eye movement, pupillary constriction & accomodation (near vision); motor nerve
(IV); controls eye movement (downward,superior oblique); motor n.
(V); somatic sensation from face, controls chewing muscles; mixed nerve
(VI); controls eye movement (lateral rectus); motor nerve
(VII); taste sensations (anterior 2/3 of tongue) controls muscles of facial expressions (secretes saliva & tears); mixed nerve
(VIII); audition (hearing) & equilibrium (balance) from inner ear; mixed nerve
(IX); taste sensations (posterior 1/3 of tongue), input from baro/chemo receptors (secretes saliva); mixed nerve
(X); sensations from & provides motor control of many visceral organs in thoracic & abdominal cavities; mixed nerve
(XI); controls muscles that move the heand & neck; motor nerve
(XII); controls tongue movements; motor nerve
______ ______ are nerves that extend from the spinal cord
spinal nerves
spinal nerves are _____ ______ b/c they contain axons from both sensory & motor neurons
mixed nerves
how many pairs of spinal nerves are there? divided into how many groups?
31, 5
what are the 5 groups of spinal nerves?
cranial nerves, thoracic nerves, lumbar nerves, sacral nerves, coccygeal nerves
cranial nerves contain _ pairs & are located outside the ______ ____
8, spinal cord
what are the 2 distinct networks of cranial nerves?
cervical plexus, bracial plexus
________ ______ innervates the neck, posterior & lateral surface of the head, superior shoulder & diaphram
cervical plexus
how many nerves come from the cervical plexus?
______ _________ _____ innervates the scalp on posterior surface of head
lesser occipital nerve
____ __________ _____ innervates the neck (2)
ansa cervicalis nerve & transverse cervical nerve
______________ _____ innervates the superior shoulder
supraclavicular nerve
_______ _____ passes through the thoracic cavity & innervates the diaphragm (breathing)
phrenic nerve
________ ______ innervates the shoulders & upper limbs
bracial plexus
how many nerves come from the bracial plexus?
________ _____ innervates the shoulder
axillary nerve
_________________ _____ innervates the anterior arm & lateral forearm
musculocutaneous nerve
______ _____ innervates the posterior arm & posterior forearm
radial nerve
______ _____ innervates the anterior arm, anterior forearm & lateral digits
median nerve
_____ _____ innervates the medial arm, medial forearm & medial digits
ulnar nerve
________ ______ do not form a plexus, innervate to the anterior, lateral & posterior surfaces of the trunk
thoracic nerves
how many throacic nerves are there?
lumbar nerves contain _ pairs & are located outside the ______ ____
5, spinal cord
______ _______ innervates the lower abdomnial wall, external genitalia & parts of the lower limbs
lumbar plexus
how many nerves come from the lumbar plexus?
_______________ _____ innervates the lower abdominal wall
iliohypogastric nerve
what 2 nerves innervate the external genitalia?
ilioinguinal nerve & genitofemoral nerve
_______ _______ _________ _____ innervates the lateral thigh
lateral femoral cutaneous nerve
_______ _____ innervates the anterior & medial thigh & medial side of leg & foot
femoral nerve
_________ _____ innervates the medial thigh
obturator nerve
sacral nerves contain _ pairs & located outside the ______ ____
5, spinal cord
______ ______ supplies buttocks, perineum & parts of lower limb
sacral plexus
the sacral plexus gives rise to _ nerves?
what 2 nerves innervates the buttocks?
superior gluteal nerve & inferior gluteal nerve
________ _____ innervates the external genitalia & perineum
pudendal nerve
_______ _____ is the longest nerve of the body
sciatic nerve
what 2 constituents does the sciatic nerve divide into?
tibial nerve & common fibular nerve
______ _____ innervates the posterior leg & plantar surface of foot
tibial nerve
______ _______ _____ splits into 2 nerves
common fibular nerve
___________ _______ _____ innervates the lateral leg & dorsum of the foot
superficial fibular nerve
____ _______ _____ innervates the anterior leg & dorsum of the foot
deep fibular nerve
_________ ______ contain 1 pair of nerves & innervate the perineum
coccygeal nerves
_________ is an area of skin that is innervates by a particular spinal nerve
dermatomes often _______ w/ one another