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Dw i'n meddwl bod Bryn yn iawn.

I think Bryn's fine/right.

Dw i'n meddwl bod Sian yn barod.

I think Sian's ready.

Dw i'n meddwl bod y plant yn mynd

I think the children are going.

Ro'n i'n meddwl fod e'n iawn.

I thought he was fine/right

Ro'n i'n meddwl bod hi'n barod

I thought she was ready.

Ro'n i'n meddwl bod nhw'n mynd.

I thought they were going.

Beth dych chi'n feddwl o ...

What do you think of ... (formal)

Beth o'ch chi'n feddwl o ...

What did you think of ... (formal)

Dw i'n siwr bod rhywbeth yn bod arno fe.

I'm sure there's something the matter with him.

Falle bod rhywbeth yn bod ar y plant.

Perhaps there's something the matter with the children.

Falle bod rhywbeth yn bod arnyn nhw.

Perhaps there's something the matter with them.

Oes rhywbeth yn bod ar John?

Is there something the matter with John?

Mae'n well gyda fi fynd am dro na darllen.

I prefer going for a walk to reading.

Mae'n well gyda fi ddarllen nag edrych ar y teledu.

I prefer reading to watching television.

Fy hoff fwyd i yw pasta.

My favourite food is pasta.

Fy hoff ddiod i yw gwin coch.

My favourite drink is red wine.

Fy hoff ganwr i yw Pavarotti.

My favourite singer is Pavarotti.

Beth yw dy hoff fwyd di?

What's your favourite food? (informal)

Beth yw ei hoff fwyd e?

What's his favourite food?

Pwy yw'ch hoff actor chi?

Who's your favourite actor? (formal)

anfon tecst

to send a text







cefn gwlad





to compare


to agree



ffordd o fyw

way of life





prisiau tai

house prices



Ro'n i'n byw yn Llundain ym 1985.

I lived in London in 1985.

Roedd Ford Cortina gyda fi ym 1985.

I had a Ford Cortina in 1985.

Ble o'ch chi'n byw ym 1985?

Where did you live in 1985? (formal)

Beth o'ch chi'n yrru ym 1985?

What were you driving in 1985? (formal)

Oes well gyda ti de neu goffi yn y bore?

Would you prefer tea or coffee in the morning? (informal)

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