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  1. uxorious
  2. fraternize
  3. matrix
  4. postmortem
  5. orthopedics
  1. a n. the surroundings within which something begins or develops
  2. b adj. dominated by one's wife
  3. c n. branch of medicine treating disorders of the skeletal system and tissues related to movement
  4. d n. an examination to determine the cause of death; an autopsy/(informal) an analysis of something that is over
  5. e intr.v. to be friendly with/to socialize with an enemy population

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  1. n. a society ruled or controlled by women
  2. adj. emerging; coming into existance
  3. n. marriage to a single mate
  4. n. a teacher
  5. n. something that has a real or independent existence

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  1. naiveadj. childlike; unsophisticated/gullible


  2. pedantn. a person who pays excessive attention to learning rulers rather than to understanding/ a scholarly show-off


  3. avuncularadj. like an uncle


  4. euthanasian. suport; encouragement/business clientele; customers


  5. fraternaladj. pertaining to brothers; brotherly


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