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  1. uxorious
  2. monogamy
  3. innate
  4. familial
  5. patronage
  1. a adj. dominated by one's wife
  2. b adj. having to do with the family
  3. c n. suport; encouragement/business clientele; customers
  4. d adj. possessed at birth; inborn
  5. e n. marriage to a single mate

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  1. intr.v. to be friendly with/to socialize with an enemy population
  2. n. branch of medicine treating disorders of the skeletal system and tissues related to movement
  3. n. the surroundings within which something begins or develops
  4. tr.v. to shame/to discipline oneself by denial
  5. tr.v. to go regularly/to treat someone as an inferior

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  1. patronymicn. name derived from a paternal ancestor


  2. fraternalintr.v. to be friendly with/to socialize with an enemy population


  3. nascentadj. childlike; unsophisticated/gullible


  4. patriarchn. the male head of the family or tribe/an old Testament ancester/a founding father or wise man


  5. patrimonyn. a family inheritance