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Legal window tent is _____
at least 10 days
Time specified in the notice to appear must be ______.
Temporary tags on a car are food for ____ days.
An accident
What is not a traffic condition?
4 feet
Object sticking out more than ____ must have a red flag.
30 days
Officer has _____ to report to TCLEOSE any violation over a Class C.
CDL, you must fill an _______ form to put out for 24hrs.
to the right to pass
In an rotary island, you must drive _____.
A drug listed on Penalty Groups 1 through 4
Define Controlled Substance
Prescription Drug
Which best defines a dangerous drug?
Leaving an alley, you should stop at the ______ before the street.
Amount of force used
What is the difference between robbery and theft?
The day you cannot serve a civil process.
Storefront thieves catch ______ thieves.
Being cut or aggraded by a contaminated object.
Fight or flight usually results in _____
offset to the left and back 10-15 feet
Felony stop, perferred way is to ______
_______ comes from another state to testify and is not subject to civil or criminal prosecution.
What kind of abuse if the threat of sexual abuse is there?
All Persons
Who has the right to prevent threat?
Written order by clerk directing the person to be arrested and be brought to court immediately is:
Most accidents for peace officers occur when_________.
Reactive Response
Responding to crimes already committed is what kind of response?
Incident Driven
Relies on info mostly from witnesses, victims and suspects:
Use a _______ to explain any symbols used on a crime scene sketch.
arrow; north
Use an ________ to point _______ on a sketch.
10 to 16
Child is _______ years old.
sexual abuse
Threat of sexual abuse is the same as ___________ .
Vehicle used mainly to transport property:
Writ of Possession
What is needed to evict someone?
Invoking the Rule
Same as excluded and when witnesses do not talk.
Heavy traffic
Factor contributing to emergency vehicles having low audible sound.
Wet objects must be ______ before packaging as evidence.
drug paraphernalia
Precursor in a drug case.
Groupd or person to blame when things go wrong.
Relative event that something took place.
affirmative duty
Supervisor has an ____________ to stop unnecessary force by any police officer.
_______ is most important in dealing with violators.
preserve the peace
Object of patrol is to __________ .
skilled observer
A __________ is able to take everything around a situation and sort relevant info from irrelevant info.
Constables have to attend a _________ class on civil process.
______ is the perserver of the peace of the county.
Operation I.D.
Writing DL# on everything is considered as:
express a complete thought
A sentence is a group of words that ________________ .
subject; predicate; word
Sentence is a group of words that contains a ______, _______ and a ________ , that following the verb, completes its meaning.
chronological order
Arrangement of info in order of occurence is ______________ .
District courts deal with ___________ .
In family violence, a police officer _____ give written notice of legal advice.
A peace officer _____ arrest if crime is committed in front/view of magistrate.
Peace officer from out of state pursuing someone may arrest only on a __________ charge.
Security given to the accused that he will appear and answer before the court:
Personal Injury
Injury to any part of the human body that requires treatment:
A divided, controlled access highway for through traffic is called a _______ .
highway or street
Entire width between the boundary lines of a pubicly maintained way, any part that is opened for vehicle travel is a __________ .
200 feet
An operator of a vehicle passing another vehicle shall return to an authorized lane before coming within ______ of the approaching vehicle.
100 feet
No vehicle shall be driven left of the center of the roadway when approaching within _______ of a bridge or tunnel.
15 feet
Parking in front of a fire hydrant:
48 hours
Car abandoned on a highway for at least ______ to be considered abandoned.
15 mph
Speed limit on a beach is:
red; 1,000
Tailights must be ____ in color and must emit ______ feet away.
Farm Tractor
Motor vehciles designed and used mainly to draw husbandry:
1,500 feet
Distance a train must be in sight for a car to stop at railroad crossing:
Illegal dumping: ____ feet from highway.
___ hours to be taken to magistrate after arrest.
Dose Response
Any chemical in the right amount may be toxic, is the _______ .
Wong Sun vs U.S.
Exclusionary rule on the fruits of the poisonous tree doctrine: _______ case
Mapp vs Ohio
Exclusionary Rule: ______ case
50 rounds
________ to qualify for firearms proficiency.
Strategies of defense-mechanics of an arrest/weaponless strategy:
Professional presence, verbal commands, weaponless strategies, weapons strategies and deadly force
What are force options:
Important for the officer to maintain physical and emotional control in order to ensure the safety of the officer, the arrestee and the public:
Physical Stature
Justification of baton use:
Advantage of rear approach:
Interview suspect in a ___ position with two officers.
Frisk is justified for search of _______ .
Special mobile equipment
Vehicle not designed to transport people or property and is only incidentally driven on the highway:
Corpus Delicti
Means the body of the crime:
DNA Fingerprinting
Examining bloodstains and hair roots:
Perspective Sketch
No camera available:
_____ , where the bullets go in the revolver.
fore end
Part of the shotgun that reloads is the ______ .
_______ has a spring and a follower.
Scanning, Analysis, Response, Assessment
What is SARA?
______ is incident to arrest.
All your senses can give you _____ of criminal activity.
Area of open space surrounding a dwelling and considered part of a house:
7:00 am to 12:00 am & 12:00 am to 2:00 am, extra hour permit
Serving alcohol from _______ , normal hours and _________ mixed beverage.
Safe Distance
Correct distance to follow another vehicle:
____ is the color of reflectors in a vehicle.
500 feet
Distance of hazard lights to be seen:
Red, amber, and yellow
________ are the color of signal lights to the rear.
________ is driven by the prosecuting attorney.
Conduct is conscious objective:
_____ is an affirmative defense to prosecution if engaged because of threat to himself.
Voluntary _____ does not constitute a defense to the commission of the crime.
Conduct merely affording a person an opportunity to commit an offense does not constitute _____.
______ of force is justified when use of force is justified.
Reckless injury is ______ as a justification in prosecution for the reckless injury or killing of a third person.
Mistake of fact
_______ is a defense to prosecution.
Mistake of law
_____ is not a defense to prosecution.
Parent-Child Relationship
If younger than 18, can use discipline, but not deadly force:
2nd degree felony, recklessly causes death:
Intoxication Manslaughter, 2nd Degree
A man in charge of ride accidentally causes death of a person because he is intoxicated:
_____ is to restrict a person's movements without consent.
Unlawful Restraint
Intentionally or knowingly restrains another:
Aggravated kidnapping
Used as a shield or kidnapping:
Indecency with a child
Man was touching a 16 year-old girl:
Aggravated Assault
Causing serious bodily injury and has a deadly weapon:
Leaving a child in the vehicle
Mom leaves her 14 year old in charge of the 6 year old in the car:
Interfering with Child Custody
Took child from parent and kept child:
may not
An officer _____ arrest a person protected from a protective order.
Person starts fire recklessly:
Person with spray can:
Person enters garage attached to house and takes something out of the car:
theft; unlawfully
A person commits _____ if he ______ takes property.
Governmental Record
A license, certificate, permit, seal, etc., anything issued by the government.
Fraudulent Destruction, Removal or Concealment of Writing
A person tampered with a price tag:
Credit Card or Debit Card Abuse
Suspect found with stolen credit card:
You are under arrest if you are in _____ .
Preventing Execution of a Civil Process
Intentionally or knowingly, by words or physical action, prevents execution of civil action:
Disrupting Meeting or Procession
A person interrupts city council meetings and yells obscenities:
Offers to engage, agrees to engage, for a fee in sexual contact:
Promotion of Prostitution
Person that receives compensation for the prostitution:
Aggravated Promotion of Prostitution
Two or more hookers:
Compelling Prostitution
Causes a person 17 to be a prostitute:
Smoking Tobacco
Guy smoking in the elevator:
Unauthorized deaprture from custody or failure to return to custody:
Lies under oath:
Aggravated Perjury
Lies under oath duing official proceeding or is material:
Any bladed instrument that is capable of causing serious bodily injury or death:
Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon
Person traveling from another state with gun in car (may be an exception "traveling"):
The adult who the child lives with is the:
Peace Officer:
______ appointed supervisor must receive in-service training on supervision.
two peace officers
At least _______ in a department must receive in-service training on supervision.
___ of the time, a message is received due to content.
Passive Voice
Receives the action i.e., "The gun was found under the seat."
Blood & Breath - Not Saliva
Consent of what kind given for alcohol testing:
Writ of Habeas Corpus
Bring the acused before the judge to answer the charges against him:
Judges, JP's and mayors and recorders of incoporated cities:
District Attorney
_________ is not a magistrate.
Water Park District Officer
_______ is a peace officer.
ATF Agent
Who is not a police officer:
3 whole days, excluding day of issue and return
How many days to serve a search warrant:
A peace officer _____ summon aid to assist.
2nd step
Which step in the 7-step can the violator explain?
1st step
Which step is the tone set?
magistrate; emergency
You can obtain a _____ order of ______ protection after an arrest involving family violence,
may; any offense
A peace officer _____ arrest an offender without warrant for _____ in his view or presence.
Search Warrant
Written order by a magistrate directed to a peace officer commanding him to search the property:
Can a search warrant end in an arrest?
Subpoena Duces Tecum
Directs that the witness bring evidence and produce it in court:
Motor and Health
________ is related in fitness and wellness.
_____ involves the expression or use of facts without distortion by personal feelings or prejudices.
Be aware of your own ____.
____ is an adverse judgement or opinion formed.
_____ is shared cultures on beliefs.
_____ investigates violations of civil rights.
Cruel and unusual punishment and excessive bail:
____ amendment
Miranda vs Arizona; 5th
Self incrimination (_________): ____ amendment
Duran vs City of Douglas; 1st
Freedom of speech (_________): ____ amendment
Gault Case; 6th
Right to trial, confront accused (______): ___ amendment
States rights: ___ amendment
Tennessee vs Garner; 4th
Probable cause, search and seizure (_______):
____ amendment
Peoples rights: ___ amendment
Offense punishable by fine or jail or both:
Offense punishable by death or jail or both:
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
Must prove each element of the offense:
Plain View Doctrine
In the view of anybody:
In order for the sender to know if a message was received, the sender must receive _______.
Officer ____ arrest without warrant a person in violation of a protective order that does not occur in his presence.
Officer ____ arrest without a warrant a person in violation of a protective order that occurs in his presence.
Temporary Restraint
Handcuffing is ______.
Impact, Recoil, Reorganization
Phases of victim to crime is:
Substance that has an addiction forming or addiction substance liability:
Sexual assaults are acts of _______.
Federal Civil Case
U.S. Code Section 242, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law:
Mental Disorder
A group of behaviors or symptoms known as a syndrome:
The single most common factor in suicidal behavior if the individual was experiencing _______.
Schizophrenia; Violent
The most common stereotype of a person with mental illness is ________, another stereotype is being _____.
Probable Cause
Reasonable force can be used to effect an arrest when the officer has ______.
Direct Exam
When the prosecutor calls the officer to the stand to testify and illicit answers, this is called a ______.
Chimel vs. California
Supports the elements of search incident to arrest:
Bicycle Patrol
____ has high visibility, intense patrol and where motorized vehicles cannot go.
Automobile Patrol
_____ has speed and mobility.
More Attentive
One-man patrol is _____ to his duties.
24; Peace Officers
TCLEOSE requires continuing education within ___ months for _____.
Civil Process
Constables have to take extra classes after certification on ____.
50 rounds; 15
____ to be fired for TCLEOSE qualification and also ___ yards.
What holds the shells in a revolver:
What is metal cased with a spring that holds shells:
When loading a shotgun, what protects the shell after loading?
What hides you but doesn't provide cover:
Smoking Tobacco
Charge for smoking in an elevator:
45-degree angle
Baton training: Weapon strike at what angle?
Felony theft, Crime
Offense that can be punished by fine and imprisonment:
1/4 Mile or 1,500 feet
Train intersection distance for first whistle blast is______.
9 1/2 total days
Truant behavior- How many days or half days in which a student can miss before truancy may be charged:
10 or more in six months, or 3 or more in four weeks
Delinquent behavior:
Emotional Abuse
Threatened sexual abuse with a child is what charge?
Aggravated Kidnapping
Joe abducted a 3 year old for ransom and then got scared and let the child go free. What is the charge if any?
Police agencies have estimated that approximately ____ of their calls for service are related to family violence.
a need for power and control
The root cause for spousal abuse is _________.
Element of an Offense
Forbidden conduct, required culpability, required result and negation of any exception to the offense is what?
Post Mortem Lividity
Dark blue discoloration of the body that is closest to the ground (where the body falls to) may provide clues to _____ if the body was moved.
at the neck and lower jaw; Rigor Mortis
Stiffening of the body starts _____________ and spreads downward: ______
Felony; Class A or B
Peace officer may fingerprint or photograph if conduct constitutes a ____ or a _____.
_____ court has original jurisdiction of all misdemeanors of which exclusive original is not given to the justice court.
Officer may break down the door of any house for all purposes of making an arrest if he is refused admittance after giving notice of his authority and purpose only in _____ cases.
1/2 hour before sunrise and 1/2 hour after sunset:
1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise:
Left-to-left or Right-to-right
Two suspects and one set of handcuffs:
Gambling Promotions
Guy running a gambling ring:
choosing a method of a crime scene sketch
Consider size and type of area to cover, people and equipment needed and degree of thoroughness when you are __________.
Potential problems in conducting crime scene sketch
Evaluate physical characteristics of the area to be searched, evaluate hazards to be searched, evaluate potential of any evidence to be recovered are all what?
Self Defense
A person justified in using force against another when and to the degree he reasonably believes the force is immediatley neccessary to protect himself against the others use or attempted use of unlawful force is the definition of _______.
A person is criminally responsible as a _____ to an offense if the offense is committed by his own conduct, by the conduct of another for which he is criminally responsible, or by both.
18.09 - Shall Seize Accused and Property
When the property that the officer is directed to search for and seize is found, he shall take possession of the same and carry it before the magistrate. He shall also arrest any person whom he is directed to arrest by the warrant and immediately take such person before the magistrate: CCP _________
Racial Profiling
A law enforcement initiated action based on an individual's race, ethnicity or national origin rather than on the individuals behavior or on information identifying the individual as having engaged in criminal activity:
Arrest Warrant
A written order from a magistrate directed to a peace officer or some other person specially named commanding him to take the body of the person accused of an offense to be dealt with according to rule:
Open Container Law
A person commits an offense if the person knowingly possesses an open container in a passenger area of a motor vehicle that is located on a public highway regardless of whether the vehicle is being operated or stopped or parked. Possession by a person of one or more open containers in a single criminal episode is a single offense:
Fine only Misdemeanor
Conduct indicating a need for supervision is _______.
Delinquent Conduct
__________ is committed by a child and it is conduct other than traffic offense (except DWI) that violates penal law.
_______ means a person, other than a pharmacist, who manufacturers dangerous drugs. The term includes a person who prepares dangerous dosage form by mixing, compounding, encapsulating, entablating or any other process.
_____ means to sell, dispense, give away or supply in any other manner.
Speed, Weather, Road, Vehicle, Driver
Influences overall stopping distance of a car (S.W.R.V.D):
2 years
Protective order is good for ______.
___ feet from a yield sign to park.
Tennessee vs Garner
Fleeing felony act:
Terry vs Ohio
Stop and Frisk:
chimel vs California
Wingspan Rule:
Miranda vs Arizona
Right to an attorney:
Carrol vs U.S.
1925 Case, searching trunk:
U.S. vs Ross
Probable cause can be used to search entire vehicle:
Haley vs State
1972 Case, fails or refuses to give ID:
Robert Peel
Who started the Metropolitan Police Act?
1823; Stephen F. Austin
Texas Rangers were established in ____ by ________.
Felonies; Breach of Peace
Citizen's arrest can be made on __________ or _________.
Brown vs Texas
1979, requires reasonable suspicion, not just because you're in the wrong area and failure to identify:
Exigent Circumstances
Emergency Doctrine, no warrant:
Strip Search
Best search for outside:
Demonstration of vehicle
The use of dealer tags:
500 feet
Unguarded railroad crossing:
Person is criminally responsible as a party by his own conduct or another which is criminally responsible, or both:
One whistle blast means?
Two whistle blasts means?
To give warning signal
Three whistle blasts means?
The state or qulaity of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger with self-possession, confidence and resolution is ___.
Official Oppression
A public servant under color of his office or employment commits an offense if he intentionally subjects another to:
Disrupting Meeting or Procession
A person commits an offense if, with intent to prevent or disrupt a lawful meeting, procession, or gathering by physical action or verbal utterance is ________________.
Penal Code
What code covers deadly force or use of force?
Deadly Weapon
A firearm or anything manifestly designed, made or adapted for the purpose of inflicting death or serious bodily injury is the definition of __________.
Habeas Corpus
The name given to a variety of writs, with objective of bringing the party before a court or judges. The primary function of the writ is to release from unlawful imprisonment is _________.
When a peace officer meets resistance in discharging any duty imposed upon him by law, he _____ summon aid.
Police, Courts, Corrections
The structure and role of the Criminal Justice System is made up of 3 areas _____, ______, and _______.
The portion of the law which defines the personal and property rights of the individual is _____ law.
An order signed by the proper magistrate directing a sheriff to receive and place in jail the person so committed is a ______.
A person is _____ when he has been actually placed under restraint or taken into custody by an officer.
A written statement of a grand jury accusing a person therein named of same act or omission which by law is to be declared to be an offense is an ________.
A written statement filed and presented in behalf of the state by the district or county attorney, charging the defendant with an offense which may by law be so prosecuted as ________.
The act of keeping back or with holding by design a person, is ____.
Reasonable Fear
You can frisk for weapons if the situation calls for it and there is ______ that the suspect may be in possession of a weapon.
A person is justified in using froce but not deadly force to prevent a person from _______.
Reasonable; Prudent
An operator may not drive at a speed greater than is ______ and ________ under the circumstances then existing.
Motor Carrier
An individual, association, cooperation, or other legal entity that controls, operates, or direct the operation of one or more vehicles that transports persons or cargo over a road or highway in this state is a _________.
A condition in which a person has mobility problems that substantially impair a person's ability to ambulate is known as a ________.
Physical Obstructions
An environmental condition that may contribute to an accident such as a physical condition of roadway, debris, weather, or nighttime defines ______.
An order directing the sheriff or constable to take into his possession certain property of which another person has possession until the suit can be decided or as the court directs is a writ of _______.
Issuance of Warning to the Child
A child may be detained in a juvenile processing office only for the _________ as required or permitted, the return of the child to the custody of a person.
With permission of parent or when child is in custody
When can a child be fingerprinted or photographed?
Dating Violence
An act by an individual that is against another individual with whom that person has or has had a dating relationship is known as __________.
Family Violence
An act by a member of a family household against another member of the family or household assault, bodily injury, sexual assualt or threat is knwon as ________.
The taking of a child into custody is not an _______ for the purpose of determining the validity of taking him into custody or a search under the laws and Constitution.
Deadly Force
Force that is intended or known by the actor or causes or in the manner if its use or intended use is capable of causing death or serious bodily injury is known as ________.
Field Notes
_______ are good for reducing the need to re-contact parties involved, provides detail when preparing a report and for testifying in court, and they enable the officer to seperate details of the offense.
An officer should not use the word " ___ " in a report.
Each Other
Research has shown that an effective way to improve one's skills in problem solving is to 1) work in small groups, 2) think out loud, 3) learn from ______, and read how experience problem solvers approached the same problem.
Life or Property
an operator driving an authorized motor vehicle can exceed the maximum speed limit, only if the operator does not endanger _____.
Mailboxes, automobiles, and walls are considered ______.
Every law enforcement officer is a crime prevention officer by the technical definition as well as the moral ______ of the job.
In order to prevent the occurrence of crime, the opportunity for someone to commit the crime must be eliminated or ______.
Crisis Reaction
The normal human response to trauma follows a similar pattern called the _______.
Crisis situations can be diffused through _______.
Long Term
Hazmat incidents can effect property and the environment either temporary or ________.
The study of nature and actions of poisons is __________.
________ includes all means by which an alleged fact, the truth or which is submitted to scrutiny, is established or disproved.
Reasonable Doubt
______ is the standard used to determine the guilt or innocence of a person criminally charged.
_____ is a group of people with common ancestry and physical characteristics.
Direct Exam
______ is when the prosecutor elicits facts from the officer.
Organized and relatively unchanging combination of a person's knowledge and feelings about someone or something that influences him to behave in a certain way in regard to that person or things is known as ________.
_____ is the condition of the human organism which consists of its' health and disease status and risk potential.
Physical fitness
_______ is the condition of the body which enables an individual to use their body in activities requiring strength, muscular endurance, agility, speed, power, and balance.
The police role is essentially ______.
Peer Pressure
Factors which may contribute to traffic collision is over confidence, self-righteousness, impatience, preoccupation and __________.
Reaction time
The following are threats to safe driving: fatigue lowers visual efficiency, causes longer perception time and longer decision making / ________.
Little Citizen
Most decisions are made at the management and mid-management level with ______ involvement.
A ______ officer knows what kind of force and how much force to use.
An officer has ___ days to report an changes such as their address to TCLEOSE.
Oral Ingestion
Routes of exposure include: inhalation, skin absorption, eye absorption and _________.
Point to Point
Trace evidence can be over looked during this kind of search:
Motor Vehicle
______ is a vehicle that is self propelled by electric power obtained from the overhead trolley wires but does not operate on rails.
_______ is that portion of a highway improved, designed or ordinarily used for vehicular traffic.
You can't pass to the left within _____ feet of an intersection.
500 ft
How close can you follow an ambulance or a fire truck en route to a call?
18 YOA
A person commits an offense if he drives a vehicle with an open bed and has a child younger than ______.
Paved road
One vehicle is driving on a paved road and another is driving on a dirt road. Who has the right of way?
You can't pass on a curve within how many feet?
Under 21 YOA
Who is a minor under TABC laws?
Heat; Poor Ventilation
In a hazardous situation, what increases the likely hood of being exposed? ________ & __________
Status Offender
A child who is accused, adjudicated, or convicted for conduct that would not under state law be a crime if the same offense was committed by an adult is known as __________.
Article 5 Sec 23
What is the article and section number under the Texas Constitution for the establishment of the sheriff?
Article 5 Sec 18
What is the article and section number under the Texas Constiution for the establishment of the constable?
Jones vs Whittenberg
The court case that deals with use of warning shots is ______.
Governor; DPS
All requests for assistance must be channeled athrough the proper civil authority to the _______ & _____.
200 yds
Do not transmit within ____ of blasting operations.
Class B
the penalty to falsify a drug test is a _____ misdemeanor.
Who issues a distress warrant?
Inhalant abuse is a class ___ misdemeanor.
State Jail
Delivery of a dangerous drug is a _______ felony.
1. Name & Address of Pharmacy
2. Date
3. # of Prescription
4. Doctor
5. Patient
6. Directions for Use
A prescription bottle must have what 6 items on the label?
The penalty for a forged or altering a prescription drug is a class ___ misdemeanor.
State Jail Felony
A person commits a _____ (penalty) offense if he intentionally flees in a vehicle from a person he knows is a peace officer attempting lawfully to arrest or detain him.
Class B
A person commits a ____ (penalty) offense if the person operates a motor vehicle and willfully fails to bring the vehicle to a stop or flees a pursuing police vehicle when given a visual or audible signal to bring the vehicle to a stop.