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History Quiz #2 Chapter 9

The Han dynasty lasted how many years?
The Sui, Tang, and Song
What were the three dynasties in China
Yang Jian
Was the leader of the Sui dynasty; used daoist and buddhist quotes; and re-built the empire
Sui Yang Ti
Was assassinated in 618
Li Yuan
established a new dynasty (the Tang) after the murder of the last Sui
Tang Taizong
The Tang dynasty really expanded under this person
Corruption and over expansion
What ultimately ended the Tang dynasty
The Khitans
What specific group of nomads did the Song dynasty face?
During the Song dynasty, the capital was moved to where?
The Jurchens
This group defeated the Song dynasty, and made the Song Dynasty pay them
The Mongols
Who did the Song dynasty ally with?
The Mongols
In 1279 who overthrew the song dynasty?
the belief of opening up opportunities to ALL people.
The Song examination system was based solely on what?
Only the who got education
District was governed by a who?
A council of elders
Villages were governed by who?
Equal Field System
Divided up land between the noble the gentry, and the peasants
A guild
a group of people with a common strength (like a group made only of carpenters).
Sea trading
Around the 11th and 12th century what type of trading became popular?
compass, rudder, and lug sail
What made sea trading easier?
eastern terminus - wealthiest and most beautiful city in the world during the Tang era
more officials, merchants, artisans, touts and entertainers.
mixture of landed gentry, free farmers, sharecroppers, landless laborers (basically share cropping).
Base People
actors, butchers, prostitutes
Sold or Infanticide
What would happen to the 2nd female child?
Foot Binding
Usually occurred during the peak ages of growth (5-13)
Did it to make their feet smaller, for marrige
Empress Wu
She became the most important person in the Tang Court
By 690 she declares herself empress of China
As she got older, she got deposed (removed from power)