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TCM BioMed Set 3

Which type of alcohol is more effective as an antiseptic?
Isopropyl alcohol
With bundled needles
You may use the same guide tube on the same patient
How long can the Hepatitis B virus survive on surfaces at room temperature?
More than one week
The acupuncture stimulus releases a neurochemical in the spinal cord. What is the name of the neurochemical?
Spondylolisthesis is?
Forward slip of one vertebrae over another
Which of the following is a mode of transmission for HIV?
Blood, sem
Vaginal secretions
Which type of HIV is the most virulent?
In palpating the inguinal area on your patient to place a needle at ST-30, you find a large bulge. This may be due to all of the following EXCEPT?
Psoas abcess
While the patient is supine, the doctor raises the leg and then dorsiflexes the foot, what indicates radicular pain?
Pain radiating from the back down the leg
The normal thoracic curve is?
What type of procedure is acupuncture?
a clean procedure
In an acupunture clinic, treatment table tops, shelves and other working surfaces should be cleaned with a disinfectant
at least once per day
After removal from the acupuncture needle from the packaging and prior to insertion
nothing non-sterile must touch the shaft
California regulations state that If there is any complication such as hematoma, peritonitis, or pneumothorax from an acupuncture treatment, the acupuncturist must immdediately refer the patient to any of the following
a podiatrist
a physician
a dentist
Short wave diathermy or microwave diathermy, both a form of heat therapy, may be used to treat all of the following
urinary calculi pain
pelvic infections
How long can the Hepatitis B virus survive on surfaces at room temperature?
More than one week
You have accidentally dropped just-used acupuncture needles on the the floor. You have appropriately picked them up and discarded them. The next steps include doing all of the following
Disinfect the floor 2 times with 1:10 bleach dilution
All materials used in floor cleaning should be double wrapped and discarded
After the clean up wash hands
A 45 year-old male is taking Glucophage (metformin hydrocholride). What disease does he have?
type 2 diabetes
In regards to ear acupuncture, OSHA recommends that
gloves be worn if blood contact is anticipated
A patient is taking the prescription drug Zithromax (azithromycin). What disease doe she have?
bacterial infection
A 82 year-old female patient has the western diagnosis of "Chronic Heart Failure". What is the corresponding TCM diagnosis?
Deficient Kidney and Heart Yang
A 22 year-old male has Sciatica with L3-L4 nerve root compression. Which reflex deficit will you most likely find?
knee jerk reflex
All of the following are part of CNT (Clean Needle Technique)
wash hands between patients
wash hands before needling
wash hands after needling
HIV targets which cell type?
Do All individuals with HBV develop symptoms?
Do Chronic HBV patients often have extreme fatigue and depression?
Is it true that only a blood test can tell whether a patient is infected with HBV?
Is Fever is present in 60% of acute HBV infections?
During the incubation period of HBV, the infected person
can spread the virus even if he/she has no symptoms
Needling ST-2 (sibai) with lifting and thrusting may injure
the infraorbital nerve
Which of the following shouldbe done after a person tests positive for HIV?
Encourage patients to identify sexual contacts so that they can be informed and tested.
Explain that a positive test implies the presence of the virus and does not mean that they have clinical AIDS.
Provide education regarding safe sexual practices.
The Platelet Count is routinely performed on patients with
Bleeding problems
The Reticulocyte Count (Retic Count) blood test
Evaluates RBC production by the bone marrow
All of the following are forms of cold therapy
ice bag
cold pack
ethyl chloride spray
All of the following are contraindications for infrared heat lamp therapy:
advanced heart disease
peripheral vascular disease
advanced hepatic or renal insufficiency
Which of the following is the most accurate in evaluating CD4 T lymphocytes?
CD4 to CD8 ratio
hat CD4-cell count is indicative that an HIV infected person will develop AIDS?
<200 cells/mm3
The R.I.C.E technique is the gold standard for treating sports injuries. What do the letter stand for?
R = rest
I = ice
C = cold
E = elevation
41 year-old male has been diagnosed with HIV. What is used to confirm diagnosis?
ELISA and Western Blot
A 31 year-old pregnant female has been diagnosed with Pre-eclampsia. What are her symptoms? ,
edema, excess weight gain, new-onset hypertension
A 57 year-old male has Rheumatoid Arthritis. All of the following drugs maybe used for treatment :
A 73 year-old female has Osteoporosis. How is the diagnosis confirmed?
The upper part of the abdomen just below the xyphoid process should be relatively
What are the symptoms of vitamin C toxicity?
nausea and diarrhea
The most common anemia in the world is microcytic anemia is due to advanced iron deficiency 54
microcytic anemia