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Electromagnetic Waves Exam

Electromagnetic waves vary in?
wavelength and frequency
To calculate the frequency of an electromagnetic wave, you need to know the speed of the wave and its what?
Light acts like what?
Both a wave and a particle
Because light travels in a straight line and casts a shadow, Isaac Newton hypothesized that light is?
A stream of particles.
Photons travel outward from a light bulb in what direction?
All directions
Infrared rays have a shorter wavelength than?
Radar waves
The full range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation is called?
The Electromagnetic Spectrum
The waves witht eh longest wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum are?
Radio waves
The visible light spectrum ranges between?
Infrared rays and ultraviolet rays
Cellular telephones utilize?
A translucent material.....
scatters some light
In order of increasing light-transmitting capabilities of materials, which is the correct sequence?
Which of the following occurs as a light wave bends when it passes from one medium into another?
For reflection off a plane mirror, the angle of incidence?
Equals the angle of Reflection
What is the angle of reflection?
The angle that the reflected ray makes with a line drawn perpendicular to the reflecting surface
The law of reflection states that if the angle of incidence is 45 degrees, the angle of reflection is?
45 degrees
A miror with a flat surface is a?
Plane mirror
In a plane mirror, reflected light rays appear to come from?
behind the mirror
Unlike a virtual image, a real image....?
can be viewed on a screen
What is the point at which reflected rays intersect?
Focal Point
A convex mirror can form....?
Only virtual images
Why do plane mirrors and convex mirrors form only virtual images?
because they can not make light rays converge
Light refracts when it....?
changes speed
Suppose a light ray traveling in air passes sideways through a glass of water and comes out the other side. How many times with the light ray refract?
4 times; through the glass, water, glass, air
A concave lens can only form a?
Virtual image
An object located between a convex lens and its focal point forms a?
enlarged virtual image
Light can be transmitted throught a long fiber optic strand because of?
Total infernal reflection
An electromagnetic wave in a vacuum has a wavelength of 0.07m. What is it's frequency?
Which of the following occurs as light travels farther from its source?
Far from source, photons spread over a larger area.
Polarized sunglasses work by.....?
Blocking light waves that vibrate in one plane.
Newton's prism experiments showed that white sunlight is made of...?
All the colors of the visible spectrum
When droplets of water in the atmosphere act like prisms, the colors in sunlight undergo?
Because air causes light to slow only slightly, air's index of refraction is...?
The speed of light in water is 2.25x10^8m/s. What is true about the index of refraction of water?
it is >1
Which index of refraction represents the least optically dense material?
Total internal reflection occurs when the angle of incidence....?
Exceeds the critical angle.