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the hear is located

to the left midline to sternum

upper chambers are

recieving chambers

left ventricle contracts to

the aorta

superior vena cava carries

oxygen poor blood to right atrium

blood vessles carry blood away


right side of the heart

deals oxygen poor blood


neck/upper body

not True of ventricles

they are called discharging chambers

not True of atrium

called recieving chambers

pace makers for the heart

sinoatrial node

blood vessles that go to the heart


tricuspid valve is located

between left atrium and left ventricle

not True of vains

carry blood back to the heart

not True of arteries

carry blood away from the capilaries

1/3 of the heart lies to the left of the midline to the sternum


blood to point apex of the heart


semi lunar valves btween ventricles and arteries


vains always carry blood back to the heart


septum to the left


entriventicular septum


tricuspid valve keeps blood from flowing back to left atrium


valves are important to keep blood flow going one direction


cardae tendae is a string like structure semi lunar valves


right ventricle provides froce to push blood through stemic semulation


sinotrial node is a pace maker of the heart


with serious heart attack artificial pace maker


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