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  1. Carolina
  2. "Great Puritan Migration"
  3. "headright"
  4. Peter Stuyvesant
  5. Stuarts
  1. a ruling family of Scotland and Britain in early colonial era
  2. b a tract of land, usually about fifty acres, that was granted to colonists and potential settlers
  3. c 1629-1642; movement of Puritans to the New World
  4. d proprietary colony that ultimately split in two (N and S)
  5. e Dutch governor; weakened by clashes with Native Americans; surrendered to Charles II of England peacefully when he waged a war against the Dutch Republic and sent a naval force to capture New Netherland

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  1. shipping route that brought the slaves to the Americas
  2. region around Jamestown (named after the bay); today is comprised mostly of Virginia and Maryland
  3. 1609-10; bad conditions for Jamestown; some resorted to cannibalism while others abandoned the settlement to join Native American tribes
  4. joint-stock company that funded Jamestown; named for the virgin Queen Elizabeth
  5. proprietorship; royal gift to James (Charles II's brother); declared a royal colony when James became king in 1685

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  1. Antinomianismbelief that faith and God's grace (as opposed to the observance of moral law and performance of good deeds) suffice to earn one a place among the "elect"


  2. Massachusetts Bay Colonypowerful colony established in 1629 by Congregationalists, beginning the "Great Puritan Migration"


  3. Dutch Republiclargest commercial power in the 1600s; economic rival of the British


  4. Mayflowership of the pilgrims; headed for VA but went off course and landed in modern-day Massachusetts (Plymouth)


  5. Fundamental Orders of CTagreement establishing a "body politic" and a basic legal system for the Plymouth colony; created a legal authority and an assembly; asserted that the government's power derives from the consent of the governed and not from God


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