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  1. Stuarts
  2. Huguenots
  3. Powhatan Confederacy
  4. English Civil Wars
  5. "Indians"
  1. a ruling family of Scotland and Britain in early colonial era
  2. b won by the Puritans under Oliver Cromwell
  3. c French Protestants
  4. d name given to Native Americans by Columbus, who believed he had reached the East Indies (really the Bahamas)
  5. e group of local tribes near Jamestown who taught the English what crops to plant and how to plant them

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  1. proprietorship; royal gift to James (Charles II's brother); declared a royal colony when James became king in 1685
  2. Protestant movement led by English Calvinists; name derived from its adherents' desire to purify the Anglican church of Roman Catholic practices
  3. colony founded in 1607, funded by a joint-stock company
  4. aka American Indians; descendants of Asian migrants who traveled through Siberia (modern Russia), across the frozen Bering Strait, and into North America; initial migration was 20,000-40,000 years ago
  5. used by conquistadors to enslave natives; grants to settlers that gave authority over Natie Americans for the purpose of labor and obliged the holder to Christianize and protect the Native Americans, and attempted to erase their culture and supplant it with Catholicism

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  1. Lost ColonyRoanoke colony that disappeared mysteriously in 1590


  2. Tobaccoa Pokanoket who spoke English and served as the Pilgrims' interpreter and taught them how to best plant in New England


  3. Anne Hutchinsona prominent proponent of antinomianism; challenged Puritan beliefs and the authority of the Puritan clergy; an intelligent, well-educated, powerful woman; tried for heresy, convicted, and banished


  4. "Indian fighters"name given to Native Americans by Columbus, who believed he had reached the East Indies (really the Bahamas)


  5. Absolutiststhose who believe that monarchs are given their authority by God and are therefore deserving of all governing power