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  1. South Carolina
  2. Coureurs du bois
  3. Duke of York
  4. Peter Stuyvesant
  5. Pequot War
  1. a "runners in the woods"; French who helped trade for the furs that became the range in Europe; always on the move
  2. b Dutch governor; weakened by clashes with Native Americans; surrendered to Charles II of England peacefully when he waged a war against the Dutch Republic and sent a naval force to capture New Netherland
  3. c settled by the descendants of Englishmen who had colonized Barbados
  4. d Pequots attacked Wakefield and killed 9 colonists; colonists retaliated and burned a main Pequot village, killing 400; resulted in the near-destruction of the Pequots
  5. e James took on this title b/c of his lands in NY

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  1. French Protestants
  2. agreement establishing a "body politic" and a basic legal system for the Plymouth colony; created a legal authority and an assembly; asserted that the government's power derives from the consent of the governed and not from God
  3. in the Carribbean; primary export was sugar, plantations worked by slaves; settlers from here were the first Europeans to have seen widespread slavery at work
  4. Roanoke colony that disappeared mysteriously in 1590
  5. cash crop in Jamestown; was a huge success in England, and its success largely determined the fate of the Virginia region; requires vast acreage and depletes the soil, so it resulted in rapid expansion; its introduction led to the development of plantation slavery

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  1. Middle Passageshipping route that brought the slaves to the Americas


  2. Royal coloniesowned by the king, who could exert great control over their governments


  3. pre-Columbian erabelief that faith and God's grace (as opposed to the observance of moral law and performance of good deeds) suffice to earn one a place among the "elect"


  4. Connecticut Valleyfertile region with lots of access to the sea (for trade); MA populations were growing, so settlers looked here and other places to expand; already inhabited by the Pequots, who resisted English incursions


  5. Fundamental Orders of CTfirst written constitution in British North America